Peter Parker Is Taking a Look at You


Every morning, you awoke with dreams involving Peter Parker’s lips-but you knew they were taken.

He approached your apartment slowly with legs entwined around you and arms wrapped tightly. He had always been the ideal gentleman – except when it wasn’t necessary, and tonight would not be different.

Character Descriptions

Peter was feeling distracted. As he floated above Mars, looking down upon its harsh surface, his mind wandered from what needed to be done now – such as keeping up with classes at MIT or studying for an exam next week – towards other things like keeping his hands from shaking while gripping onto his suit handles; not from nerves or impending doom, but because they were filled with feelings for someone he hadn’t felt anything for in a long time; you.

After his uncle had died, he found himself slowly drifting apart from you. Without intending to, his thoughts began to drift towards you more frequently. At first, he tried distracting himself by attending parties and having meaningless hookups with girls; each time he left your place with one arm wrapped around some stranger, he would think about you instead. Never wanting another relationship like their first, hearing that you liked him too was enough for him to stop trying to convince himself he didn’t like you more than platonic friends.

Peter knew he shouldn’t be talking to you like this and didn’t intend it to happen, but it was hard for him not to after speaking to you as Spider-Man for some time now and promising himself that he would just get used to approaching you more intimately before asking you out as himself now. However, Peter regretted taking that risk and asking you out when he could.

Background Information

Since they were eight, you and Peter Parker have been best friends, attending magnet school together and grieving the loss of a parent at such an early age. Since then, you’ve become his closest ally outside of Flash and Eddie Brock; at one point, he was bullied towards you, but all that has changed since rescuing Earth together at one point! Now both attending college, Gwen and Harry serve as glue between their friends, yet you and Pete feel more like siblings than friends.

Peter Parker is an intelligent, handsome young man. Although initially shy and distant, once he opens up, he cares deeply for those close to him and feels responsible for their welfare. It was not always an easy process, but eventually, Peter accepted being transformed by Spider-Man as part of who he was, though slowly evolving due to being bit by the spider who left its DNA embedded within him, something which left his DNA becoming fused into it over time as his appearance slowly changed despite not wanting this path taken by life itself!

Y/n has been dating Peter for several months now, and their relationship is not going smoothly. He doesn’t call her back or cancel their dates and seems different now; perhaps this could have something to do with the Avengers and everything that happened on the island.

She’s exhausted of waiting for him to call, as well as trying to understand why he doesn’t. Additionally, her dreams all involve kisses from him even though he seems unavailable – yet she wants closer ties but lacks the courage to tell him she needs more than friendship.


Y/N has an intense romantic attraction to Peter Parker and considers him her favorite classmate. Peter constantly flirts with her, making her smile. However, recently, Peter has started acting weird – ignoring calls and canceling dates without warning, leaving Y/N confused as to why this could be happening. So she asks for advice from her friends; however, they suggest that Peter may already be involved with someone else – an idea which horrifies Y/N but knows is out of the question as Peter wouldn’t do something like this to her!

Peter was staring down at one of S.H.I.E.L.D’s darkest and most secret files: Lazarus. Nick Fury had devised this insidious scheme in an attempt to bring back together six of Marvel’s original heroes using Kree blood flowing through Captain Marvel’s veins – something which had already been tested on several people, including you – but this guinea pig would serve as its final test subject.

Your relationship started rocky, with you nearly leaving the Avengers after the New York battle. However, after agreeing to put yourselves first before helping others – college for you and MIT for Peter – things settled down significantly over time, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say you both grew up together; something would need to change for that to occur again.

Your friends think you are being an unhealthy influence on Peter and are concerned that he will get in trouble. They mistakenly assume he’s doing it because he wants more of your attention, but they couldn’t be further from the truth; Peter enjoys spending time with you but doesn’t want to risk losing you over his crushes.

Y/N finds Peter attractive, yet she doesn’t wish to become his girlfriend. She doesn’t feel ready for long-term commitment or breaking up with her best friend and believes Peter may soon need to leave for MIT, going the Avengers without his assistance when required; her dad doesn’t approve either! So they decide to keep their relationship confidential, flirt, and kiss as usual without making it official – awkward though it might be, the Avengers always find ways to work things out; this situation won’t be any different!