Peter Grill and the Philosophers Time – Super Extra Uncensored


After winning the Grand Fighting Tournament, Peter Grill hoped to settle down with Luvelia Sanctos from his guild-mate sweetheart Luvelia Sanctos; however, after discovering himself at the center of an endless queue of monster women searching for his seed! From Ogre sisters to an Elf looking him over like crazy – can Peter remain faithful?

The Story

Peter Grill is an esteemed figure in his kingdom, revered for being the world’s strongest fighter and boasting an exquisite girlfriend he plans to marry one day. However, life changes when he realizes numerous monster women are competing for his seed; keeping his harem under control while remaining faithful to his beloved fiance will require all his strength.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time is an outlandish comedy about an unlikely hero drawn into an unexpected harem of cute monster girls, all hoping for an infusion of his powerful genetics to produce healthy offspring. Despite his best efforts to remain pure for Luvelia Sanctos, Peter finds himself increasingly drawn into illicit affairs with Ogre sisters, diminutive yet voluptuous Elves, and an attractive but ugly Orc.

As much as this series can be considered a humorous sex comedy, it also contains some surprising serious themes. For example, in one episode, when Peter refuses their advances, and they use magic and force against him, only after they resort to using forbidden erotic sensitivity magic does he agree to have sexual relations.

Fans looking for an anime that contains sexual content without its disturbing imagery should consider watching HIDIVE’s HD version, where episodes have been slightly edited while keeping all sexy scenes intact. This version of the show includes extra footage not seen on television broadcasts, giving an immersive experience of Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s time. This uncensored version of the show can be purchased on Blu-Ray discs from various anime stores and online retailers or streamed from Crunchyroll – with more subtle censoring techniques than in TV broadcast versions, which employ flashing lights to obscure most of the action.


Peter Grill was recently honored as the world’s strongest warrior after winning a fighting tournament, yet this fame has its downsides: women of both species — human and monster alike — have begun lining up at his doorstep, hoping for the chance to bear his seed. If he wants to save his relationship with Luvelia, however, he’ll need to outmatch, outwit, and outrun this troublesome fangirl squad of monsters!

This series not only boasts an engaging main character, but it also has an excellent supporting cast. Milthlim stands out among them all as one of the most relatable characters with his casual use of slang and constant hunger pangs; furthermore, each member of Peter’s crew boasts unique personalities that set them apart.

While its story might not appeal to everyone, this anime manages an effective balance between comedy and drama. Furthermore, the pace was well-paced: each anime episode adapts roughly 1.5 chapters from the manga, thus making it possible for it to come together in Volume 3 without missing a beat.

Art in this show is also of high quality; character designs and backgrounds all follow the classic anime style. However, the occasional overuse of CG effects should be expected from modern anime.

This show’s raunchiness matches its genre perfectly. There are plenty of sexual euphemisms for the Unwanted Harem, and fanservice goes beyond what one might expect from an average ecchi show; direct sexual scenes don’t occur but do happen occasionally and always cut to morning-after sets afterward.

If you like laughter and sexual encounters, this anime is for you! From its stunning animation to hot scenes with incredible female protagonists and engaging plot, I highly recommend Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super Extra – you won’t regret watching!


Peter Grill finds himself in an uncertain position after winning a fighting tournament and being declared the world’s strongest warrior. Women from every corner of his kingdom–ogres to elves–competed for his seed to produce strong offspring, even his sister trying to steal it for her own.

Even as one of the most muscular men in his kingdom, he struggles to maintain stability. Running through women like he’s got them coming out his ears is becoming worse; being involved with Vegan and Fulltalia’s love triangle only compounds matters; plus, being given a bracelet that promises its wearer endless luck in bed is even worse – something no serial adulterer needs!

The story is a fantasy shoujo shonen with an Ecchi vibe written and drawn by Daisuke Hiyama for Futabasha Monthly Action since 2017. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the series for anime adaptation during the Summer 2020 Anime Season and from October to December 2022.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time contains some Ecchi fan service moments in its manga, yet it can still balance them within its main plotline. Additionally, both anime and manga offer lots of humor, which keeps audiences invested in both characters and action scenes.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time stands out among other shonen titles with their captivating plotlines. The main character, Peter, has fallen for Luvelia Sanctos but can’t get married because all women want his seed.

This anime also boasts an outstanding cast of voice actors who deliver fantastic performances; the animation is flawless, with characters easily distinguishable by their voices and facial expressions. Furthermore, its soundtrack perfectly captures its tone for viewers interested in sci-fi fantasy or Ecchi genres.


Peter Grill is one of the most muscular men on Earth. He loves his fiancee, Luvelia, dearly and vows to spend the rest of his life with her; unfortunately, she still believes babies come via stork delivery, so their relationship has barely progressed beyond holding hands. However, while trying to focus on his work, he is constantly being harassed by females seeking an injection of his genes so they may produce healthy offspring themselves.

Wolfsbane Animation Studios created its inaugural entire season. Director Tatsumi brings decades of experience helming raunchy anime productions, while scriptwriter Nora Mouri is well known for writing such works as Kiitaro’s Yokai Picture Diary (2016).

Manga authors cover an expansive story arc, while anime only adapts the Goblin Disaster one, thus leaving plenty of material for another season that could continue where its predecessor left off. Unfortunately, an exact release date for it has yet to be confirmed.

As well as the main plotline, there are various side stories and one-shots that further explore characters and the universe, including battles against demons, an encounter with the dragon king himself, and an exciting showdown against an assassin with no name tags!

This anime features lots of sexy and gory action, as well as explicit nudity (although this is censored from mainstream broadcast). Its story is engaging, the characters well-developed, its artwork stunning, and the pace fast – it’s an ideal way to kill time! HIDIVE offers it for free streaming; alternatively, you can purchase all 12 episodes as a steel book from Amazon or other stores if that works better for you! If any questions arise regarding its viewing experience, leave them below; our staff would be more than happy to assist!