Is Peter Parker Cheating on You?


Peter could barely sleep; he missed you so desperately and dreaded the next time that you would be far away from him.

He used to be sweet, quirky, and friendly – now he seems so arrogant, and you feel instantly drawn towards him! Something sizzles between you two. You sense an electric current flowing between you both.

You’re a nerd.

Peter Parker may be one of the nerdiest boys at school, but he’s also one of the sweetest. You’ve noticed how often he smiles at you and stares into your eyes even while conversing with other boys in class – you know he has feelings for you but doesn’t want to say so outright lest he lose his friends.

After school, Peter takes you to a secret spot every Wednesday for study sessions without distractions. Over this period, you become fast friends – you share an interest in comic books and the Avengers, which helps cement this bond further.

Soon, you are on the brink of failing physics and need tutoring services. Peter quickly accepts your offer and helps with all the issues while simultaneously unveiling more of his troubled past and admitting his feelings for you – something which becomes unavoidable when his confession finally arrives.

One day, he invited you for a sleepover, much to your surprise. Though you were initially startled at his invitation, you agreed as you hadn’t experienced him like this before: his touch sent chills down your spine and warmed your heart; his smile mesmerizing; you couldn’t wait to see what else this man had in store for you.

Peter plans a unique itinerary when the decathlon team travels to Europe for a tournament, hoping you have the best trip possible. His plan involves inviting you to famous places, staying out late at night despite curfew restrictions, and other spontaneous actions to melt your heart.

You’re a geek.

Peter had been studying hard all week, and it had begun to get him down. He needed a break and wanted to see you, anticipating an entire weekend free from homework and school responsibilities together with you.

He noticed how your hand clung tightly to his like an anchor holding him down. His lips twitched with hunger as he gazed into your eyes – you were the one who made his heart race, and all day, he thought about you.

He had a surprise in store for you this weekend and wanted to make sure it would be memorable. Knowing Midtown’s decathlon team would be traveling to an unfamiliar city for their tournament, he enjoyed it to be as unique as possible – taking you out to popular spots, staying out late (despite your curfew ), and doing spontaneous activities that both of you find enjoyable.

But he hadn’t planned on falling for you after telling you all about his new friend Jack and his feeling that they might be unique. Although never intended, he couldn’t resist thinking of you often and thinking of leading you on.

Soon enough, however, things became complicated when both of you began to develop feelings for each other and become friends. Shortly after that, benefits became involved in your friendship, and Peter’s past began to show itself. Although he tried his best to remain calm about it all, you quickly noticed his body language and eye glances told a different tale, not to mention how his touch and gaze made your legs go weak with desire.

You’re a student.

Your heart sank as you knew Professor Parker would soon enter the classroom, prompting thoughts of Peter. While you wanted to drop this class as it was mandatory for graduation in your field of study, low grades wouldn’t bode well for your nursing career.

After hearing the bell ring and running out of your classroom, Peter offered you his assistance – which was well received, although your mind was still reeling from what had transpired earlier that day. You accepted his offer but were still processing what had occurred earlier that day.

Peter was an athletic star everyone admired; you, on the other hand, felt an outcast due to being a transfer student; however, you had friends who kept you company and supported each other on this decathlon team.

Over the year, you and Peter had become closer. Over time, however, you noticed he seemed nervous around you and knew something was amiss with him – though he told you he was Spider-man at one point, you did not believe him and eventually stopped writing to him altogether.

Graduation was approaching, and you knew this would be your final time seeing Peter before he moved away for college at MIT. You both understood that you would head off to different institutions soon enough; nevertheless, neither wanted a breakup, so you devised a plan.

You’re a friend.

At first, Peter was one of the shyest students in your class, often sitting alone at recess because he was scared to talk with anyone. You quickly proved yourself capable of drawing him out and making him open up – they quickly became best friends from 1st grade all through middle school, and after parting ways for high school, they even kept in contact at occasional family events!

But now it’s senior year, and things have changed drastically. Your days are spent filling out college applications while simultaneously trying not to think about Peter too often, but it’s hard not to – he was your ideal guy – intelligent, funny, and just slightly quirky, sporting ridiculous quaffed hair that he refused to cut and sporting graphic T-shirts that you couldn’t stop taking from him; every time you see him it gave your brow that little quivering sensation that only occurs when something scorching wants something badly enough.

Your decathlon team trip brings with it laughter as Ned teases you about being a virgin, which makes you laugh out loud. However, if he heard anything like this from you, it would break his heart, so instead, wink at him, whisper secrets in his ear, and dance against each other on the dance floor.

Smiled at you by Peter, his eyes sending chills down your spine. You know he is something special to you, and you desperately desire him; every morning begins with fantasies involving both of you!

You’re a girlfriend

Unless Peter Parker seems interested, you might suspect he’s not. Unlike most boys, he doesn’t often flirt with women the way other boys might and often seems unaware that he is charming you. Still, many find him attractive as an all-around sweet guy who wants to protect you; that makes him all the more desirable as an option for romance. On the other hand, as his partner, you might suspect something’s amiss as he often ignores calls or cancels plans without explanation, leading you to suspect him of potentially cheating on you or someone else altogether.

One day, Y/N decided to visit Peter in his apartment. Though nervous, she knew it was necessary. Though Peter was busy fighting crime and saving the city, she wanted to ensure everything was okay with him. So she knocked at his door. Peter answered with a friendly smile, allowing Y/N in.

Once in his apartment, she noticed a picture frame with an anniversary photo from their first year together on his desk. She found it curious that he kept it, particularly given rumors about him possibly dating another woman.

The following day, he wakes up with a dizzy look. When you turn towards him and smile hazily back at him, his eyes light up with excitement when the warm glow from your body causes butterflies to fly in his stomach. Reaching over to touch your hand but pausing before doing so, his fingers move away from connecting it as his confusion intensifies further before finally standing up from bed and coming into your room, where he grabs you in an embrace and gives a passionate kiss on your cheek before returning into his bed again!