Peter’s Caramel


Traditional caramel featuring rich buttery flavor complemented by brown sugar’s toasty sweetness. Remarkably workable with delightful stretch, it makes an excellent ingredient for pure caramel confections, pecan caramel clusters, and caramel apples.

Heat in a double boiler while continuously stirring to maintain temperatures between 160oF and 180oF to prevent scorching or burning.

Soft Caramel Loaf

Quality caramel made of only premium ingredients is now ready to use and prepackaged as a 5-lb loaf, perfect for mass production of caramel apples and candy center treats.

Peters Caramel Soft is an easy and delicious soft caramel that melts at various temperatures for use in multiple recipes that call for soft caramel, such as making dipped apples or topping pecan patties.

Wet caramel differs from its dry counterpart in that it contains sugar and an additional liquid such as water or milk, making it less likely to burn than its counterpart. When making wet caramel, it is essential to stir rather than stir vigorously so all of the sugar reaches an equal temperature and doesn’t caramelize unevenly. Once the desired consistency is reached, remove from heat immediately and place in an ice water bath to rapidly cool and prevent further cooking, which could result in darker caramel or burning altogether.

Once the caramel has been set, it can be poured or dipped as desired. It is best to maintain temperatures between 180 and 190 degrees F for best results in pourability; stirring it while melting also helps prevent air bubbles.

When making caramel apples, it is recommended to use a heavy-bottomed pot and create a double boiler if possible. This will prevent any burning or sticking, while stainless steel pots conduct heat more evenly than enameled ones; when filling, water should only come up to just below the bottom of the bowl that will house it; use a thermometer for monitoring consistency while melting; when desired softness has been reached, drain into cup and dip in cold water test before drenching into cup or spooning out to prevent burnt edges and preserve softness.

Caramel Block

Peter’s creamy caramel makes an excellent base for all your candy-making and baking needs, from creating unique confectionery delights to saving time with its ready-to-use loaf form. Both experienced bakers and novice pastry chefs will find it convenient, allowing them to focus their creative energies without being distracted by all the time-consuming steps involved in producing homemade caramels from scratch.

Traditional flavors for this caramel loaf include generous buttery goodness up front with just the right balance of toasted sweetness – creating an irresistibly creamy texture and delightful stretch that make for effortless candy applications, including enrobing in chocolate or wrapping around pretzels. Furthermore, its wide versatility makes this loaf the ideal candidate for creating classic homemade caramel apple treats or serving as the centerpiece for dessert creations!

If you love making pecan clusters, this caramel block simplifies them! Arrange 3 cups of Kirkland’s Pecans (#1292) into groups of 3-5 and pour melted caramel over each, covering every pecan. Finally, press chocolate pieces gently onto each grouping until hardened.

This five lb. bulk caramel block is the ideal size for single dipping sessions or baking sessions and heats more quickly than cans. Each block will produce enough caramel to coat approximately 25 apples at your next caramel apple party or fall celebration – perfect for fall celebrations and gatherings with family and friends! Be sure to use a double boiler and never overheat caramel, and this product contains Corn Syrup, Sugar, Milk, Water, Fructose, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Butter Mono, Diglycerides Salt, and Vanillin for optimal use!

Liquid Caramel

Product Details

Liquid caramel is ideal for dipping, drizzling, and adding to desserts such as ice cream, beverages, or other confections. Additionally, it can be used as a filling in candy molds. Peter’s Caramel stands out among commercial liquid caramel brands thanks to its great buttery flavor that doesn’t melt quickly, making it the ideal solution for “one-shot” creamy fillings and velvety shell mold center centers that require rapid processing times – plus being very straightforward and user friendly! Product Details

When working with liquid caramel, constant stirring is essential to prevent sugar from burning and create smooth caramel. Knowing when it is ready is also crucial; an ideal caramel will have a rich reddish-brown hue similar to an old copper penny; never let it reach smoking levels, as this will give rise to bitter flavors in its final form.

When cooking sugar, it can sometimes seize and form lumps. To prevent this, keep the heat low and stir regularly – any stubborn clumps can later be strained out with ease. Also, keep a bowl of water handy just in case any caramelized sugar dries onto your hand or fingers during this process.

Once your caramel has combined with butter, it is time to add heavy cream slowly. Do this gradually, as its sugar-to-cold-cream reaction could quickly bubble and splatter, so have a bowl of water handy should any bubbling start happening – this could save your hands from being burned by hot, bubbly liquid! Once added, allow to boil for one more minute, then turn off.

Refrigerating liquid caramel for up to one month allows it to solidify in the fridge before being easily reheated with either microwaves or stoves, providing it is stirred before remelting, as this will prevent it from becoming grainy when remelted.

Dipped Caramel Squares

Use Peter’s Caramel Dipped Caramel Squares to make delectable gourmet caramel apples at home! Perfect for special events and holiday gifts alike. Best yet? Their simple recipe allows for budget-conscious creation!

Start by preparing the apples by removing their stems and washing them thoroughly under hot water to remove wax residue that might prevent the caramel from adhering correctly. Next, use a large spoon to spoon caramel over each apple until its entire surface has been covered; scrape any extra caramel off of its bottom using another spoon; this will prevent a pool of caramel from collecting at the base while setting.

Once each apple is coated, place it on a lightly greased piece of parchment paper and allow it to set entirely in the refrigerator before decorating as desired. Any decorative toppings must be applied quickly, as caramel hardens quickly. Afterward, these treats can be placed into candy boxes with ribbon bows for gift-giving!

Peters caramel is an affordable commercially prepared caramel that comes ready to use and can be used in numerous applications and recipes. Known for its smooth and rich texture, Peters caramel makes the ideal base for caramel apple coating, pretzel dipping, and various dessert recipes. Available in bulk quantities for easy storage purposes and catering needs across the country, Peters caramel has quickly become an industry standard product.