Nike Roshe G Tour Review


Nike knows just how to please their consumers by turning popular sneaker styles into affordable golf shoes.

Nike Roshe golf shoes resemble super-comfortable running shoes in terms of design. Equipped with removable CHAMP spikes and waterproof uppers, they provide exceptional comfort on every swing from first tee to 18th green.

Breathable Mesh Paneling

The Nike Roshe G Tour golf shoe resembles a sneaker while still offering all the performance needed for golf courses. It features a water-resistant synthetic upper, cushioned footbed, seven removable champ PiviX spikes, rubber lugs for stability in high-wear areas, and an 8mm fitsole sock liner to cradle the foot while reducing foot soreness following rounds of golf.

These stylish yet comfy shoes combine comfort with style. Their modern yet classic aesthetic makes these an excellent addition to your golf bag, while the lightweight mesh upper allows airflow for added breathability during long walks on the course. Available in multiple colors.

The Nike Roshe G Tour golf shoes are an ideal option for anyone who enjoys walking while playing golf. Lightweight, comfortable, and available in multiple color choices, they provide excellent support and offer reasonable pricing while made from quality materials so that they will stand the test of time. PGA Tour players like Patrick Reed, Patrick Cantlay, and Harris English all wear these popular golf shoes that have garnered positive customer reviews – ideal for casual golfers who don’t want to sacrifice comfort and style for value. You can purchase online or at local sports stores – perfect for casual golfers looking for quality materials at reasonable pricing while supporting their feet all year long! You can buy online or locally; both options provide great support while their quality materials guarantee longevity so that they will stand the test of time with the wear-off backing offered by quality materials used. Customers love these golf shoes when worn; their great support makes these ideal for casual golfers wishing for no hassling from customers! PGA Tour players like Patrick Reed Cantlay and Harris English have worn these popular golf shoes on the market, and customers have received positive reviews.

Perfect Traction

The Nike Roshe g tour is an outstanding example of a shoe that successfully marries fashion and function for golfing. It looks like a sneaker but features an outsole explicitly designed to provide grip for players on the course.

As such, the Nike Roshe G Tour stands out amongst other spikeless styles as an ideal golf shoe for players seeking high performance at an economical price. When it comes to comfort and traction, this shoe must surely rank amongst one of the top options currently available on the market – making them perfect for playing out in summer weather or when away from home.

These Nike men’s golf shoes feature a modern, sleek aesthetic that pairs beautifully with any ensemble. Their breathable mesh upper wraps around your feet for a lightweight and comfortable sock-like fit and features full lace fastenings to stay secure on your feet. Their soft foam insoles help cushion every step as you walk and run, providing cushioning against uneven terrain to reduce heel blisters.

The outsole for golf-specific outsole has been developed using pressure mapping technology to ensure golfers receive adequate traction on different surfaces. This is especially helpful when playing on public courses with various characters and conditions. Furthermore, women’s and junior versions are available, so these Nike roshe g tours can fit all kinds of golfers comfortably.

For golfers on a budget who require spikeless golf shoes that offer excellent traction across various surfaces and courses, the Nike Roshe G Tour spikeless golf shoe is an outstanding value at under $100 and should be an essential purchase. It combines a stylish sneaker design with a golf-specific outsole for enhanced traction on all types of courses and surfaces – it offers exceptional comfort and value at just under that threshold! A must-have!

Comfortable Insoles

When it comes to insoles, there is an array of choices, from soft and flexible options all the way to firm and supportive models. The ideal type is those that provide your feet with adequate support in a neutral position so you can walk for long distances without pain or fatigue – these may be orthotic insoles or arch supports and custom-made by podiatrists, certified pedorthists, chiropractors, or doctors; though more costly overall they offer greater long-term comfort.

The Nike Roshe G Tour Golf Shoe boasts a unique insole that makes your feet feel as though they were being wrapped in soft blankets. Their foam layer absorbs shock, providing incredible cushioning. Furthermore, these shoes feature arch support explicitly designed to support high heels; while this may not offer as much comfort as wearing sneakers directly on feet would do, these high heel insoles will still help alleviate some pain and pressure associated with wearing high heels.

This low-profile insole features a rigid support shell and offers superior arch support, alleviating plantar fasciitis symptoms with its pronounced arch support, while its thin mid-layer silicone cushioning provides some cushioning. Available in multiple sizes and with glowing customer feedback that shows just how effective this product works for making uncomfortable shoes more wearable again.

Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fascia-Fortifying Insole is another affordable solution, boasting a deep heel cup and firm arch support to keep feet in their proper positions when standing for extended periods. Available in several different sizes and with many positive customer reviews that attest to how effectively it relieves plantar fasciitis pain, this insole comes highly recommended by customers.

The Superfeet Green insole is an affordable insole featuring a deep heel cup and firm arch plate to support your foot during everyday movement. Crafted of closed-cell high-density foam with an excellent stabilizer cap and comfortable cushioning layers. Customers have given it high marks for making old stiff shoes more comfortable again.


The Nike Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes are tailored specifically for modern golfers looking for high performance at an accessible price point. Combining the stylish aesthetics of Nike casual sneakers with a golf-specific outsole designed to deliver superior grip and traction for increased performance on the course, plus featuring Lunarlon cushion technology to ensure optimal foot comfort throughout a round of play, these shoes come in different colors and unique edition prints throughout 2018 so you’re sure to find one to complement your unique style!

Nike Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes feature an internal heel counter designed to keep your foot securely in place when swinging, helping prevent blisters and injuries from happening during hanging. They’re lightweight for easy walking and breathable so your feet will remain cool and dry during play.

Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes feature an ultra-comfortable soft foam midsole similar to what runners would find in running shoes; this cushioning absorbs shocks that could occur on the course and makes for a very relaxing pair of golf shoes.

Also important when purchasing golf shoes is fit. The Roshe g tour golf shoes from Nike come slightly more expensive, making them more accommodating to people with wide feet. Easy and durable laces enable quick lace-up time; plus, there are various colors, so you can choose one that best reflects your style!

The Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe is an outstanding option for any golfer in search of new golf shoes. Not only are they fashionable, but they also boast several features not found elsewhere – plus, at an unbeatably reasonable price point, you could even purchase multiple pairs without breaking the bank compared to similar shoes on the market! I highly recommend the Roshe G Golf Shoe as a good value purchase.