That Girl Lay Lay – On My Way Tour


Once Sadie wishes for Lay Lay to come true, she quickly becomes natural and encourages Sadie to run for class president against popular girl Tiffany – with excellent results.

Due to an unsuccessful prank, Principal Willingham commands Sadie and Lay Lay to attend a parent-teacher conference as parent-teacher conferences are held. In order to avoid detection, Sadie disguises herself as Lay Lay’s grandmother while attending.

1. Lay Lay’s Official Music Video

That Girl Lay Lay has taken social media by storm with her viral freestyle rap videos from the passenger seat of her father’s car, garnering immense admiration from around the globe. Born Alaya High and known professionally as That Girl Lay Lay, This little starlet has emerged as an exceptional young talent.

The Cheat Code and Tha Cheat Code Reloaded have already garnered millions of views online, while book deals, TV appearances, and national ad campaigns add even further proof that she’s one talented teenager! The sky is truly the limit for this talented teen!

Nickelodeon quickly signed her for an all-encompassing deal that included programming and music initiatives, comedy series production, and consumer product line promotion, all designed to support her eccentric personality. Hollywood prefers co-opting these types of stardom rather than trying to destroy them outright.

2. Lay Lay’s Official Lyric Video

Lay is known for her intimate, often melancholic songs performed as a solo performer with an acoustic guitar and other instruments. Her style recalls recent projects from Julie Byrne, Big Thief, Half Way Home, and Angel Olsen, as well as canonical singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell or Joni Mitchell/Ellis White, among many other figures.

She stands out as one of the most exciting new talents in Hip Hop music, defying convention with her electrifying performances and meaningful lyrics. Her captivating presence onstage makes her unmissable!

Purchase That Girl Lay Lay tickets is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss! The show will take place at a large-scale venue, and ticket prices depend on factors like your proximity to the stage and other aspects. Don’t miss out – buy early so that you don’t miss seeing this rising star live!

3. Lay Lay’s Official Audio Video

Quirky student Sadie navigates high school while keeping a secret: her hype girl avatar, That Girl Lay Lay, is accurate, and she wants her to become her best friend in real life when That Girl runs against popular girl Tiffany for freshman class president election.

That Girl Lay Lay has garnered immense popularity with her distinctive musical style and impressive lyrical abilities, inspiring others to stay true to themselves and pursue their goals through music.

This talented young rapper has collaborated with several acclaimed artists and built up an avid following. Additionally, she’s an advocate for education, spreading positive messages and positivity via her social media platforms! Fans of the show or kids who love music will surely love this doll, making it the ideal present for any occasion!

4. Lay Lay’s Official Music Video

Lay, a young rapper and social media superstar, has found herself thrust into the public eye following her freestyle rap video going viral. Now, she and her friends hope to win their school talent show, but can they remain focused while remaining true to what matters most?

Lay Lay, despite her young age, displays a very mature and secure mindset. Additionally, she has a great sense of humor and can often be quite sarcastic at times.

She has an expansive wardrobe, often wearing bold and eye-catching outfits similar to those she wore as That Girl Lay Lay in real life and through the That Girl Lay Layout brand. Additionally, she uses Generation Z internet slang such as “Yes” and “Drip,” helping connect with followers on Instagram and TikTok; besides, she even has her line of clothes, shoes, and accessories!

5. Lay Lay’s Official Lyric Video

Lay Lay, a young hip-hop artist from her early teens, has gained notoriety through social media in just over one year. Her music and videos explore issues like race and class inequities – topics that she frequently addresses through music videos and songs.

Her father, Acie High of Aqualeo and the 2018 airport brawl with Tekashi 6ix9ine has been her most significant influence. He encouraged her to become vegan and follow healthy eating practices.

On YouTube, she posts musical performances under her name. Some of the most viewed videos include Old Town Road Freestyle, MONEY IN CAR FREESTYLE ORIGINAL, and THOTIANA FREESTYLE PART 2. Together, these have amassed over four million views so far, reminding viewers of art’s power of transformation as well as human resilience. Her songs serve as potent reminders of art’s ability to heal both bodies and minds alike.

6. Lay Lay’s Official Audio Video

That Girl Lay Lay embodies modern celebrity in all her glory: running her own music and film projects while also managing school and social media obligations, not to mention becoming an international merchandising superstar with books, toys, and clothing bearing her likeness – while working to remain childish in spirit!

Sadie may seem successful on the outside, but she harbors a dark secret she prefers not to share. A devious new bully named Marky is plotting against Sadie by trying to bring down her hype-girl persona and steal away her chance at the talent show. So Lay Lay and her Slay Gang band together against Marky by devising Do What You Want as their act this year in order to make sure Sadie can shine at this year’s talent show!

7. Lay Lay’s Official Music Video

Lay has come a long way since her viral freestyle rap videos began garnering millions of views online. Since then, she’s had her own Nickelodeon show, signed a deal with Sony Pictures Studios for programming and music initiatives, and launched her line of books, toys, and clothing.

But even with her success, she still acts and dresses like the girl from her viral video. While her style may no longer be “on fleek,” she still loves lip gloss and refers to her G-Wagen Rubi Rose as home.

As Lay Lay and her squad prepare to compete in their school’s talent show, their bullies attempt to stop them. But will the group come together and pull off an unforgettable performance? Don’t miss this show!

8. Lay Lay’s Official Lyric Video

Lay Lay has attracted an eclectic demographic due to its powerful lyrics and passionate delivery. It explores love and self-discovery themes that resonate deeply with listeners; its music video adds another level of impact through cinematic imagery and visual storytelling.

The music video follows That Girl Lay Lay and her friends as they prepare to compete in their school’s talent show despite threats by bullies. Uniting, they show that they can win and “do what they want.”

YoungCee drew inspiration from his personal experiences with love and the universal theme of self-discovery when creating this powerful song, inspiring audiences to embrace their romantic journeys and build resilience within relationships. YoungCee’s track has proven popular during live performances.

9. Lay Lay’s Official Music Video

Lay is a star on the rise. Beginning her journey with grainy YouTube videos of herself freestyling in the passenger seat of her dad’s car, she is now an established recording artist with her brand of style collaborating with Lil Tr33zy, Young Dolph, and Bun B, among many other notable figures.

Now, she is fronting her own Nickelodeon series as part of an overall deal with the studio that includes programming, music initiatives, and consumer product lines – an example of Hollywood working with social media fame rather than trying to fight it.

Lay and her friends have just started school, and their middle school talent show is fast approaching! Can they unite against bullies who try to steal the spotlight from them? This exciting illustrated chapter book will have children singing and dancing along.

10. Lay Lay’s Official Lyric Video

Lay, now 16, has outgrown her youth of being “on fleek” and wearing lip gloss but continues to embody her spirited, girl-power persona she created on TikTok and Instagram, becoming beloved by millions. Through a multiplatform deal at Nickelodeon that includes programming, music initiatives, and consumer products, and her being the face of their renewed strategy of welcoming virality instead of trying to fight it, Lay Lay has become the face of their renewed method of accepting virality instead of fighting it.

Quirky high schooler Sadie Alexander longs for her affirmation app hype-girl avatar Lay to come alive while helping navigate the trials of being a teenager. Gabrielle Nevaeh Green and Thomas Hobson star as co-creators of the YouTube series Go. Lay. Go!, produced by Nickelodeon Studios.