How to Get Ready to Learn


All students must be prepared to learn to achieve academically and realize their full potential, which requires accessing high-quality instruction, social-emotional learning programs, academic support services, and mental health services.

This program was created explicitly for school-based practitioners to support classroom challenges related to sensory processing, self-regulation, attention, and motor planning.

1. Start early

Getting ahead is always beneficial as soon as it comes time for learning. Arriving a few minutes early (many instructors are happy to chat with students before class begins) and reviewing course materials can get the ball rolling immediately when class begins. Furthermore, supplemental reading on people involved with your subject of choice can generate interest while keeping you focused and on task.

Get Ready to Learn (“GTRL”) is a clinically researched yoga curriculum explicitly developed to address learning and behavioral issues for preschool-high school students. The curriculum features developmentally graded sequences that target sensory processing, self-regulation, attention, and communication.

2. Let them make mistakes

Mistakes can be difficult and embarrassing, yet making mistakes is integral to learning. By normalizing errors as part of life and business, your employees will gain the self-assurance they need to face challenges or make decisions without fear. This confidence boost can accelerate their learning speed, take more risks, become more creative, and increase productivity. When mistakes do happen, it is vitally essential that safety nets and roadblocks are in place so the same error doesn’t reoccur – which is where learning material plays such an important part!