Learning Licence Test Questions in Hindi


Acquiring a learning license is the first step toward attaining a full driving license and requires passing an assessment test comprising 15 multiple-choice questions with answers prior to sitting the exam. Applicants should review these questions and answers ahead of time as preparation.

Road Safety

Road traffic safety (RTS) refers to the practice of protecting individuals from being killed or seriously injured on roads. It encompasses many activities – ranging from infrastructure design to behavior modification – with humans as its focus. Tackling this complex issue takes collaboration across disciplines in order to bring meaningful changes; all involved must come together in this mission for improved road safety.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Drivers should always remain aware of their surroundings and drive safely, no matter the road conditions. Drivers should comply with traffic laws and use safety equipment; road safety also encompasses pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers riding public transport.

Interactive quizzes: Put your knowledge of essential safety topics such as defensive driving, traffic laws, pedestrian safety, vehicle maintenance, and more to the test with interactive quizzes and real-life scenarios that put your safety knowledge to the test – receiving expert insights and guidance regarding best practices for road safety along the way!

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are an integral component of road safety. They serve to direct drivers at significant junctions, warn them of road hazards, and guide them through cities and towns. Furthermore, traffic signs help alleviate traffic congestion while making streets safer for pedestrians – so it is vital that every individual fully comprehends each sign’s meaning before venturing out onto public streets – hence making passing an exam and becoming familiar with traffic signals/signs before getting their driving license in India mandatory.

Warning signs fall into three main categories of traffic signs. They provide drivers with essential warnings regarding icy conditions, steep curves, and narrow lanes; their color is typically yellow rectangular with either a graphic symbol or word that communicates the message to drivers. Warnings should be a must-have for every driver as they can save lives and reduce vehicle damage. Besides warnings, traffic signs also help mark road boundaries and indicate entrance/exit points as well as parking areas – especially helpful on highways where drivers might need to exit or merge onto another road quickly.

Directional signs fall under the broad category of traffic signs known as directional signs. This category includes stop, give way, and straight prohibitor characters – as well as stop lines at intersections or stop lines and linear prohibitor signs that prohibit drivers entering certain areas; give way signs instruct drivers to yield to traffic approaching from the right; straight prohibitions warn against entering particular zones for fear of legal penalties incurred if entering is done; straight prohibitors warn drivers not to join specific locations – while horn prohibited signs restrict honking in certain zones to ensure an environment which provides peace and tranquillity for residents and commuters alike.

Warning signs are the third category of traffic signs used to inform drivers about potential hazards on the road and obstacles they could encounter. They typically come in yellow octagonal shapes with words or graphics to explain their purpose, such as speed limit signs, lane restrictions, or pedestrian crossing signs; there may also be alerting drivers of imminent sharp turns or zigzags – these signs are critical in keeping drivers and pedestrians safe!

Road Rules

Driving vehicles on public roads in India requires holding a valid driving license, which must be obtained by passing an exam administered by the Regional Transport Office. A learner’s permit can also be obtained.

Each state offers slightly different questions and scoring systems for its driver’s exams, making it essential to use test practice questions that reflect those specific to your state. Our free learner’s license test questions are drawn from the RTO Driver Manual 2023 and designed by safety experts to mirror an official learner’s license exam.

Practice tests are an invaluable way to strengthen your driving abilities. With detailed explanations provided for every question, our practice tests allow you to gain insight into why the correct answer is correct and why an incorrect one may be inaccurate; this helps avoid making similar errors when taking an RTO learning license test and improves your chances of passing! Just click below on the link and start prepping!