Learn How to Drive by Answering 15 Learning License Test Questions in Hindi and English


Before operating a transport vehicle, you must pass a learning license exam consisting of 15 multiple-choice questions in either English or Hindi – this test is free and always available when it suits you! Prepare, take, and pass the learning license test today!

These free learner driver, license test questions, are adapted from the 2023 RTO manual and designed by road safety experts to reflect what will likely appear on an official learner driver’s license test administered in your state.

Traffic rules

An Indian driving license is essential to legally operating on India’s roads. Understanding traffic rules and the regulations that govern them will help you avoid fines or accidents; you can do this by taking a learner’s license test, which evaluates your knowledge of road safety and traffic law based on general rules and road signs – to be successful, practice thoroughly beforehand to prepare.

The learning license test is an essential step toward earning your driver’s license. This exam tests your knowledge of road signs and signals as well as your ability to abide by traffic rules. Each multiple-choice question takes 30 seconds for you to respond; there will be 15 questions altogether in total, with nine of them needing correct responses for you to pass the exam successfully.

Alongside questions, you will also be required to read several short passages of text about various traffic rules and their interpretation. For instance, you might need to identify what a red traffic light means or how best to approach a train crossing. These passages will give you an in-depth knowledge of traffic regulations in your country as well as how best to adhere to them; additionally, practice tests can be found online so you can test yourself beforehand.

No matter if it is your first car or an upgrade on an older one, knowing the basic traffic regulations and rules is essential for staying safe on the roads. Being aware of these rules will allow you to be an attentive driver, resulting in safer roads for all. By practicing more frequently and passing tests more efficiently, your chances of passing your learner’s license test increase as you increase your skillset as a driver and acquire one sooner rather than later! With some hard work and preparation, you could quickly be driving confidently down any number of highways!


India requires drivers of motor vehicles to possess a valid driving license. Acquiring one requires several steps, including document verification, form submission, and fee payment. Requirements vary depending on which state you live in – some states require proof of address and age, while others only demand citizenship as a requirement for eligibility.

For you to receive your Learner’s License, a written test must first be passed. These exams are designed to ensure aspiring drivers follow a structured learning process that helps reduce hasty or unprepared driving on the road, as well as make sure newcomers understand traffic rules and signs, which is vital for promoting safety in the streets while protecting drivers against unsafe behaviors.

Road safety

Road safety is an ongoing challenge that affects every road user. Many different elements contribute to road safety, including the design of vehicles and roadways, traffic signals and signs, driving skills, and driving techniques. There are various strategies available to enhance road safety: education about rules of the road can increase awareness, as can improving infrastructure or signaling; finally, safe driving zones may increase public awareness that encourages safe driving practices.

Taking the learner license test is an integral step toward earning your driver’s license. A learner’s license is a legal document granting permission for you to operate a vehicle under supervision by an experienced driver. Before sitting for your actual test, taking practice tests is highly recommended to prepare yourself for what may arise on test day.

Step one in applying for a learner’s license is meeting eligibility requirements, including meeting age requirements and understanding traffic signs and rules. Next, submit all the documents required by the Regional Transport Office with payment of the application fee, then schedule and attend the test date at RTO to take the learner’s license exam.

Learning license test questions are designed to ensure aspiring drivers adhere to a structured learning process, decreasing the chance of hasty or unprepared driving. They help develop skills and foster confidence among drivers, ultimately leading to safer roadways for everyone.

Learning to drive requires plenty of practice, and the more you practice, the higher your odds are of passing your learner’s license test. Numerous free online practice tests mimic official learner’s license exams available in most Indian states that will help prepare you for these exams and can be taken multiple times before your actual exam day arrives.