Don’t Speak About It It’s a Blank Topic Here


Figgers is a logic puzzle game designed to increase brain activity. Here, you’ll find all the answers and clues for level 2 of Figgerits: “Don’t discuss anything here. It’s blank”.

No Doubt’s iconic breakup song “Don’t Speak” conveys a powerful message about moving on after heartbreak and finding strength within. Additionally, Sophie Muller directed an eye-opening music video for this track.

It’s a blank topic here.

Just keep talking it is a blank topic is the solution for level 2 of Figgerits, the logic word puzzle game created by Hitapps Inc. Figgerits is an engaging and creative game designed to expand vocabulary while developing brain activities – similar to other popular word puzzle games such as NYT Puzzles, Wordscapes, and Puzzle Page! Figgerits provides you with the opportunity to increase both brainpower and free time!

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