Cute Cakes – Graduation Cookie Cake


Graduation is a time to celebrate accomplishments and look ahead. Cute Cakes has designed an exclusive cookie cake as part of their graduation festivities to add an unforgettable memory!

Make it even more personalized by including the graduate’s school colors, mascot, or any unique design elements! This cookie cake makes any celebration extra memorable!

Class of 23’ Cookie Cake

The Class of 23’s Cookie Cake is an unforgettable way to commemorate this year’s graduating class. Crafted with our Georgia sugar cookie dough cut into 23 shapes, this treat stands out from the crowd as it makes an eye-catching centerpiece and elevates any celebration or event.

Cute Cakes’ experienced bakers can personalize this cookie layer cake to commemorate a graduate’s accomplishments and journey by adding his or her name and school colors – not only adding aesthetic charm but also creating something they will look back upon with fond memories! This personalized touch not only sets it apart from similar offerings on the market but also makes something truly one-of-a-kind as a unique souvenir that the graduate can look back upon with fondness in years to come.

The Class of 23’s Cookie Cake is the ideal way to commemorate their hard work and achievements with something sweet! Sure to delight at any celebration, this delicious treat will leave them with fond memories of their big day.

Personalized Touch

Graduation season can be an extremely hectic time for everyone involved, yet also an opportunity to celebrate a class’s achievements with something sweet like a cookie cake!

Custom cookie cakes make an impressive and thoughtful present for any special event or milestone, including graduation. Choose your message, font, and frosting color to craft something genuinely distinctive that will stand out. Personalized cookie cakes make wonderful graduation presents or other celebration gifts and are guaranteed to make the recipient feel loved and special!

Congratulations. The Graduation Cookie Cake is made with our best-selling chocolate chip dough and comes in many delicious flavors to celebrate any graduation ceremony or other milestone. It is 9 inches in diameter and serves 8-10 people.

Unique Design

Graduation is a milestone that should be commemorated with an unforgettable party. Customizable cookie cakes make an excellent way to celebrate this significant achievement, offering options such as personalized with the names and colors of graduates. Plus, they add flavorful sweetness to any graduation event!

Edible printed photo cakes are another fun and creative way to commemorate graduations. Have their senior portrait or prom picture printed onto an edible photo cake and show your support and appreciation! You can purchase these cakes both online from bakeries and local bakery stores, or you can even buy edible printing systems to create them yourself at home!

Another unique way to decorate a cookie cake for graduates is to include their college’s mascot on it – this can show your excitement that they’ve decided on their dream school! Plus, it offers your congratulations and adds another personal touch!

Macarons make an ideal graduation party food. These delicate treats, which resemble graduation caps and scrolls, feature different phrases celebrating the graduate. Hand-decorated and baked with chocolate chip dough, macarons are free from nuts, making them safe choices for people with nut allergies and the ideal gift to present to graduates at graduation parties! They come specially packaged and ribboned for an elegant presentation.

Mouthwatering Flavor

Rather than cookie cakes, there are plenty of delicious dessert options that will leave your guests feeling satisfied at your graduation party. Choose dishes offering unique flavors that will leave their tastebuds satisfied and leave everyone wanting more.

Start your menu right with this grilled shrimp dish – succulent shrimp marinated in zesty lemon and garlic will leave your guests wanting more! Or consider serving this delectable maple bacon-glazed mushroom appetizer to please any palate.

If you prefer something sweet, why not serve a snickerdoodle cake as part of your celebration of graduation? With its 13-inch size and ability to be tailored specifically to the graduate’s favorite flavor, snickerdoodle cakes make an excellent way to honor their success and commemorate it. You could switch up the flavor by swapping out chocolate chips for other types or adding in strawberry cookie dough for extra fruitiness!

Are You Wanting to Impress a Grad? A Traditional Cake Is Always the Answer If you’re feeling adventurous, why not experiment with other baking techniques, too, such as creating a wild checkerboard cake? For an extra special touch, add personalization with names or messages written across it and customize it with pictures of friends or family – your graduate will savor this treat long after graduation has come and gone! Or try baking mini versions of tassel cakes as reminders of all their achievements as they make memories with friends and family members after their celebration is complete!

A Memorable Treat

Cookie cakes make an excellent graduation party treat! With their ability to be decorated with the graduate’s name and school colors, bringing one along is sure to add an extra joyous celebration! Plus, it shows our gratitude for their hard work by showing our appreciation.

One option is to have an edible photo printed directly onto the cake. You can do this through either an online company or a local bakery that offers edible printing systems. Or use a squeeze tube of frosting to write words such as “Congratulations, Graduate!” or “You are so smart and will become very successful.”

Have your cake decorated with the colors and mascot of the college where your graduate is attending – this will make the cake extra memorable and unique and is an excellent way to commemorate their transition from high school to college life!

If you’re searching for something unique to bring to a graduation party, try these smiley grad & hashtag-packaged cookies! Hand-decorated with phrases celebrating graduates, each cookie comes individually wrapped and tied with ribbon to ensure an elegant presentation.