Hello Kitty Cake Pan


If you know a young girl who adores Hello Kitty, this cake pan will make the ideal present! Plus, it allows them to bake some cute treats for a birthday or holiday celebrations!

Make a basic cake of any flavor and decorate it with Hello Kitty’s trademark bow! All you’ll need is a sifter, eight hours worth of white fondant, red and black icing, and some red food coloring for decoration.

Easy to decorate

Making Hello Kitty cakes is every little girl’s dream come true, and with just a few steps, it can become a reality! Start with a basic cake recipe before embellishing it with fondant and other decorations – the result will be a delicious and visually striking cake sure to wow any crowd.

Start by mixing up your cake mix according to package directions, then divide it into two equal portions and mix in some pink food coloring into one piece while leaving the other white. Spray your pan well, fill it three-fourths full, then use a spoon or ladle to alternate pink and white batter, pouring some of each into the center of the pan as needed.

Once the cakes have cooled, use a knife to loosen them from their pans and transfer them to cooling racks to sit for about 10 minutes before frosting them.

As your first step, start by creating the frosting. Combine butter and shortening with an electric mixer until creamy; once mixed, add vanilla extract and gradually add 1 cup of sugar at a time until your frosting reaches a spreadable consistency. Beat until it gets a smooth texture, then enjoy spreading it!

If you are new to piping, using frosting as glue may help. If your icing seems dry or stiff, adding some milk may soften it further. Once completed, divide about one-quarter of the frosting and color it black to outline Hello Kitty’s face and nose outlines; leave the remainder white as its background color.

Before assembling the cake, start by stacking two round cake wedges together with their cut edges facing in opposite directions. Use a frosting knife to cover both bases of both ears with frosting before attaching them to the head using glue dots.

To complete your cake, press black fondant into the eyes, yellow into the nose, and pink into the bow – you could also use any excess black fondant for shaping whiskers if desired!

Easy to bake

For little girls who adore Hello Kitty, this cake pan will make an excellent present. Requiring just one batch of batter and easily decorated, its bow adds extra cuteness! Additionally, this could also make a perfect stocking stuffer.

To bake, grease the pan and fill it halfway with your preferred cake mix. Bake it for 40 to 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Allow it to cool before frosting and decorating it!

Decorating a Hello Kitty cake requires using various shades of icing in multiple combinations to complete its appearance. Black icing works well to outline the bow and whiskers, while yellow fills in the eyes and nose, pink acts as the face!

Customers generally found this pan easy to use, producing professional-looking results. Some customers have noted difficulties removing cakes from the pan due to its thin aluminum construction, which may become damaged if mishandled; using flour or oil beforehand may prevent this issue.

Easy to clean

Hello Kitty fans will adore this pan! Perfect for creating custom Hello Kitty birthday cakes and great stocking stuffers during the holidays!

This adorable pan is constructed from high-quality aluminum that’s both nonstick and dishwasher safe, making it the ideal gift for any little girl or anyone who loves Hello Kitty! Plus, it only costs $7.99, so head over to Amazon now to grab one. Don’t wait long, or this offer may end before it expires. Happy baking! Xoxoxo (reg $25)!