The Best Metal Detector For Beaches


Metal detecting is a popular pastime at beaches, where coins, rings, and jewelry may be discovered in the sand. When metal detecting on beaches, waterproof detectors should protect it from sand particles and salt spray corrosion.

The Garrett AT Pro waterproof metal detector for beach use is ideal, working effectively in wet sand and saltwater environments. In addition, its dedicated beach mode ensures maximum efficiency.

Minelab Equinox 600

The Minelab Equinox 600 metal detector offers many valuable functions for beginner and experienced users. Its waterproof housing, lightweight design, and selection of detection modes make this detector perfect for all environments and scenarios. Plus, its user interface makes operation straightforward; with no customization options or costly upgrades available, this detector remains an outstanding value option!

One of the critical features of this detector is its Multi-IQ simultaneous multi-frequency technology, which allows you to comb an area simultaneously with multiple frequencies. This makes it easier to find large and small targets more quickly and provides more accurate target identification. Furthermore, background noise reduction makes hearing target tones simpler.

Equinox 600 features an innovative adjustment for ferrous tones volume control that helps make its operation less disruptive in environments with dense ferrous debris, including reduced wear and tear on headphones.

This model is popular with beachgoers and comes in an assortment of colors. Its clear LCD provides large Target ID numbers for easy reading. You can quickly switch it between showing Detect Mode, operating frequency, battery status, or Noise Cancel functions at the touch of a button! Plus, it even comes equipped with automatic Noise Cancel capability!

Minelab Equinox stands out with its user-friendly graphical user interface, making changing settings and customizing performance simple and hassle-free. Furthermore, two custom modes can be saved under different circumstances.

The Equinox 600 metal detector is an all-around versatile metal detector suitable for use in multiple environments. Lightweight, waterproof, and featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack for powering its large search coil – perfect for land or ocean environments alike – the Equinox 600 makes a good choice for finding gold or other precious metals.

Minelab released an update to their Equinox 600 that improved silver target identification, free for all users. They also released several enhancements to enhance user experience; you can access this software through Minelab’s website.

Garrett AT Pro

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector has earned high praise for its usability. The display includes many essential functions, including digital target ID and discrimination level indicators, search mode selection/sensitivity adjustment settings, and battery status indicators – making this unit an excellent choice for novice users looking for an easy, user-friendly machine.

One of the AT Pro’s most valuable functions is its Pinpoint mode, which helps pinpoint potential targets. This can be particularly helpful when hunting on sandy or rocky beaches where ferrous garbage may interfere with detection. To use this function effectively, scan a patch of the ground using its search coil, moving in gridlike patterns as you approach different angles before coming to the target to help determine whether it is indeed buried.

The AT Pro can assist in identifying various targets on the ground, even in environments with plenty of iron trash. With its high-resolution iron discrimination system and 40 discrimination levels available for selection, the AT Pro can distinguish good targets from waste. Furthermore, its audio system lets you hear the characteristics of signals to allow identification if something is made out of iron or another material.

AT Pro’s ground balance feature is an invaluable asset that helps cancel out signals caused by mineralization that could impede your hunt. Auto and manual ground balancing options simplify adjusting to different terrain or search conditions.

The AT Pro metal detector is an all-around metal detector designed for land and aquatic use up to 10 feet deep. With a waterproof housing intended to shield it from dust, rain, and splashes, this detector makes a great companion when hunting lakes or rivers for lost jewelry or artifacts; alternatively, it can even be used on beaches to detect coins and valuables.

Tesoro Sand Shark

The Tesoro Sand Shark metal detector is an advanced PI unit suitable for saltwater environments. With a comprehensive selection of settings that makes customizing this machine straightforward, making it ideal for beginners or advanced detectorists.

Users have reported that this model provides exceptional depth performance even in mineralized ground beach saltwater conditions and handles beach combing and swimming better than VLF models. As it’s a PI detector without discrimination options (which some may find frustrating), some may be turned off. But regardless, it still makes for an affordable metal detector option!

The Sand Shark metal detector is accessible in terms of use. With a single tone when it detects something, this waterproof unit allows users to dig into everything. Plus, you can take it into the surf for underwater research!

Metal detectors use a search coil to locate metal objects buried beneath the sand. They’re particularly suitable for beach and underwater searches due to their ability to handle salt water more efficiently than other models of detectors. Plus, their small, lightweight size makes it easier to maneuver.

Another impressive capability of this metal detector is its ability to simultaneously target multiple targets, making it possible to quickly find coins, jewelry pieces, and other valuable objects simultaneously – saving time and effort in searching for treasures!

Tesoro Sand Shark may be more expensive than other machines on this list, but its high battery life and simple controls make it worthwhile if you use it often. Plus, tuning is simple for maximum depth detection! As part of their longstanding brand of metal detectors and lifetime guarantee policy from Tesoro themselves.

Minelab Vanquish

Are you searching for an accessible metal detector suitable for beginners and advanced users? Look no further than Minelab Vanquish series metal detectors, featuring multi-frequency technology that’s great for all terrains and lightweight designs suitable for extended hunts.

Vanquish detectors offer multiple models, including the 340, 440, and 540. Each sensor utilizes Multi-IQ technology, which operates simultaneously across multiple frequencies to enable more stable target identification than single-frequency detectors. Both 340 and 440 are perfect for beginners, while intermediate users should consider opting for the 540.

One of the key strengths of the Vanquish series metal detector is that it’s both powerful and easy to use, making it the ideal metal detector for beach hunting. It can detect all kinds of targets under all sorts of conditions – even coins in salt water! Furthermore, this versatile metal detector can be used in parks, fields, and beaches!

Advanced features of this detector include pinpoint mode, monochrome LCD, and adjustable audio volume controls. In addition, six search modes – Coin, Relic, Jewelry, Custom (a customizable Find Mode), and All Metal- come factory pre-set and optimized, making detecting easier. It even comes equipped with noise-canceling capabilities, reducing the chatter caused by most very low-frequency detectors (VLF).

The VANQUISH series comes equipped with 25 discrimination segments to allow you to precisely target which types of metal you accept or reject, as well as an iron bias control feature to adjust how much iron is detected by the detector – perfect for areas with lots of debris where this feature helps distinguish non-ferrous targets from iron junk.

The VANQUISH 440 metal detector is an easy and powerful metal detector designed to simplify hunting. With its intuitive menu system and ergonomic design, setting it up and using it are made straightforward; its waterproof V10 search coil ensures it can handle even harsh conditions like wet sand or seaside environments.