Best of the Burg 2023


Best of the Burg 2023 celebrates businesses and organizations that make Fredericksburg an enjoyable place to live, work, and play. The Free Lance-Star honors these businesses with an award based on nominations submitted by community members and votes cast by voters from Fredericksburg.

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Fortress Foundation Solutions

Fortress Foundation Solutions has been serving residents in Central Virginia since 2018 by providing premium basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and foundation repair. Locally owned and operated, Fortress offers free, non-committal estimates to local customers looking for solutions to bowing walls, sinking floors, or cracking concrete surfaces in their homes.

Fortress has earned the ICC-ES certification on their carbon grid strap fiber reinforced polymer composite system used to repair leaning and bowing walls in residential properties, which enables them to guarantee their work with a lifetime transferable warranty. They also offer dehumidification services designed to prevent mold growth in crawl spaces and dehumidifier services designed to keep crawl spaces moisture-free – while their team of engineers and structural experts strives to deliver an unforgettable experience to each customer they serve.

Mari and Anthony from Fortress Foundation Solutions will join Mari on this week’s WLNI show as they interview Jerry Glinski and Laci Harvey from Fortress Foundation Solutions about how the company delivers a memorable customer experience, how long projects typically take to finish, the upcoming Car Truck Bike Show with over 160 prizes to give away, plus Megan Huffman from SHARE Greater Lynchburg to discuss Partnering for Good Segments presented by Bank of the James, Give Good Tuesday events, etc.


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Gleaning for the World

Gleaning for the World Inc, located in Concord, Virginia, and founded in 1998 as Gleaning for the World Membership Organizations Inc., operates within the Membership Organizations business/industry sector. Led by Mark O’Brien as President/CEO since 2011, Best Of The Burg 2023 provides a fun and unique way for residents and visitors alike to share what businesses they love in our community – nominate your favorite locations until February 28th, when voting will start! You’ll find full details and rules here.

Anthony McAvoy and Brian Weigand will return this Friday from vacation, discussing National Days of Celebration and exciting upcoming events like Lynchburg Hillcats Gleaning for the World Night.

Parks & Rec

Chris Higgins with Lynchburg Parks & Recreation’s Park Services joins Mari and Anthony this Friday to talk about what their organization does, specifically their Blackwater Creek Trail System, pocket parks, and future plans they are working on. In addition, Bank of the James is sponsoring Partnering for Good, and the 4th annual Gleaning for the World night with Lynchburg Hillcats is also discussed.

Best of the Burg 2023 allows individuals to cast votes for their favorite local businesses and organizations across over 100 categories across four regions; from September 14 to October 1, voters may nominate their top five from each area before final voting takes place on December 7. Voting takes place from September 14 to October 1, with winners and finalists announced via print media and online platforms on December 7.

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Charlie Burg is an eclectic multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter, drawing influences from all corners of music to craft his signature brand of warm soul and upbeat funk. Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays, Burg’s first three EPs were named for sections from those essays: One, Violet, and Moonlight.