Madden Playbooks – The Best Offensive and Defensive Madden Playbooks


Are You Searching for Madden Playbooks? Look No Further. Here, you will find an assortment of offensive and defensive playbooks in Madden NFL 2019.

Kansas City Chiefs’ playbook is ideal for players who throw the ball frequently, offering formation sets such as Pistol Deuce Close and Shotgun Bunch Str Nasty.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs’ playbook is among the finest in all football. It includes running and passing plays that can accommodate almost any quarterback – even mobile ones like Patrick Mahomes – along with unique trick plays to showcase Reid’s creativity and highlight it.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ playbook emphasizes passing, making it ideal for quarterbacks who can throw deep and accurately to fast receivers. Furthermore, various formations are explicitly designed to utilize wide receivers and tight ends within their playbook. If players prefer an equally pass-heavy approach to offense, then Baltimore Ravens’ offensive playbook offers another solution.

Though less flexible than its Chiefs counterpart, the Ravens offense remains a solid choice for those without a mobile quarterback. Their playbook’s combination of passing and running plays works effectively against both man coverage and zone defense, providing several efficient running plays like PA Post Cross Formation or Flex Tray Formation, which provide excellent running plays against both types.

The Rams defensive playbook in Madden 23 stands out as one of the top options, boasting an effective pass rush. Led by future Hall-of-Famer Aaron Donald and an efficient group of linebackers. Their playbook contains several types of formations, such as nickel 3-3 cube and multiple 3-4 options that enable complex traps against opponents with ease; their 3-4 even 6-1 formation provides another powerful opportunity when it comes to blitzing; using Sam Will Blitz will make opposing teams struggle against your fast offense!

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots playbook contains an excellent combination of passing and running plays, ideal for players who enjoy passing often. Furthermore, it includes an impressive special teams section featuring many return plays like punt returns. Likewise, tight end-outs and QB keepers provide opportunities to pick up yards quickly on short passes.

The Minnesota Vikings defense is another top option in Madden. Their defensive playbook boasts multiple options for beating man coverage – which is rare since most defensive playbooks in Madden focus on zone coverage instead. Their playbook provides multiple formations designed to adapt to every possible situation on the field.

It features traditional 4-3 run-plugging sets and Big Nickel, Dime, and Dollar setups that can all be utilized against online squads that aim to pick off your safeties or cornerbacks. It provides a balanced playbook to please defensive players in Madden 22.

The Pittsburgh Steelers playbook offers players who prefer pass-heavy offenses another great choice. Packed with brilliant passing concepts that can be employed against any defense, particularly man coverage, this playbook features everything from simple TE slants to Action passes and numerous passing options such as simple TE slants. They also boast an effective special teams section with always-popular punt returns. Finally, I Form Close and Strong Close sets from Pittsburgh work well against zone coverage, offering an alternative to Singleback/Wing Stack sets that are common elsewhere.

New York Jets

The New York Jets offensive playbook is comprehensive, providing numerous running and passing game scenarios options. Their shotgun formations include Bunch Tight, Trips, Singleback Tight Doubles, as well as RPO schemes such as Split Close, Trey Y-Flex, and Bunch Bunch Str Nasty; in addition, they utilize under center sets such as I Form Close, Bunch Deuce Closes Close and Shotgun Bunch Strong Offset which provide options to exploit defenses with creative play calls and routes.

The Kansas City Chiefs playbook is another good choice for a pass-heavy offense, offering numerous effective passing plays and formations. Players looking to take advantage of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ high ratings and X-Factors should opt for this playbook, but its balanced nature also makes it suitable.

Players who enjoy running the ball have two reliable playbooks to draw inspiration from: those of the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts. Both offer a range of running and passing formations; the Eagle’s playbook may offer slightly more balanced strategies than their Colt counterparts. It also provides classic singleback, tripeback, and pistol formations and several unique formations like Pistol Deuce Close and Shotgun Bunch Str Nasty formations.

Both playbooks are tailored for running backs with high acceleration and rushing accuracy, such as Isaiah Crowell (92) and Bilal Powell (86), who possess exceptional acceleration and rushing accuracy. Furthermore, Sam Darnold provides their offense with powerful throws from short range and excellent throwing power, along with their talented receiver corps of Quincy Enunwa (92 acceleration, 88 jumping) and Robby Anderson (94 speed, 92 deep route). Unfortunately for them, though, their weak defensive line needs upgrading quickly to maximize performance from both teams’ running backs.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers Playbook is one of the best Madden offensive plays, allowing you to run and pass freely quickly. It is perfect for players with speedy RBs or HBs and with multiple formations that can confuse opposing defenses.

This playbook boasts several effective formations, such as Singleback Bunch X Nasty, I Form Close Flex, and Shotgun Split Y Offset, which can help avoid the blitz and open quickly for passing plays. Furthermore, Belichick’s former team employed the base 4-3 defense that the 49ers playbook uses; this features big linemen who look to stop running plays and quick linebackers who cover ground quickly.

Green Bay Packer’s playbook was created to take advantage of intense running games and fast receivers, using power runs and quick passes for explosive plays. Suitable for players with YAC abilities and versatile quarterbacks.

Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Commanders’ playbooks are virtually identical, so we have combined them. Both focus on airing it out with pass attacks and scoring goals with pass plays, yet also offer space for running with power run schemes designed for Isaiah Pacheco, making this playbook ideal for mobile quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the finest defensive teams in the NFL, and their playbooks for Madden offer some excellent strategies. They feature numerous defensive formations, such as their iconic 46 formation and Nickel 2-4 appearance – not to mention some outstanding blitz packages and zone coverage options!

The Steelers have an effective run defense, as evidenced by their 46 formation that places six players on the line of scrimmage to make running through the complex. Furthermore, their playbook includes unique runs such as 1-5-5 Triple-A gap and Nickel Triple that keep five or six defenders close to the line and are highly effective against running games.

Although best known for their running game, the Steelers also possess outstanding passing prowess. Their playbook contains multiple designed passing plays for every receiver on the field to give you plenty of options when dropping back to pass. This playbook would make an ideal option for trying something different while still having enough options available to them to pass effectively against any team.

The Kansas City Chiefs playbook offers some effective rushing and passing plays, including some very interesting RPOs like FB Inside Steelers and Curl Flat Seam, where one tight end moves up and out while the other runs a fade or curl route. They also boast several effective blitz plays like Buck Slant 3 from their Nickel 2-4 formation – this blitz sends their left outside linebacker around the edge while their corner follows closely behind him, and their playbook boasts numerous good rushing reads.