Pink Floyd Tour 2023 USA


Pink Floyd tribute band, the world’s best Pink Floyd Tribute Orchestra, brings their “50 Years of Dark Side Tour” to Veterans Memorial Auditorium with power and reverence, providing powerful evocations of Pink Floyd music and emotion.

The band’s meticulous tone and extraordinary accuracy will transport you back to both Syd Barrett’s early work as well as post-Waters versions, complete with state-of-the-art lighting and video technology, pinpoint lasers, giant inflatables, and flawless live sound – creating an unparalleled concert experience!

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is widely recognized as one of the premier tribute acts worldwide, having been honored with the London Times newspaper’s prestigious ‘Gold Standard Award. Their precision and accuracy in recreating Pink Floyd productions, from Syd Barrett-era music through to post-Waters material, are truly incredible – perfecting their art at creating an experience unlike any other! Their set lists span all phases in the band’s journey from formation through the post-Waters period.

Pink Floyd continues to amaze audiences around the world while staying true to its original form. They use state-of-the-art lighting and video systems, pinpoint lasers, huge inflatables, flawless live audio reproduction, as well as the note-for-note renditions of iconic songs from Pink Floyd like “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” “Comfortably Numb,” and “Animals.” An unforgettable concert experience awaits you.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show features a veteran lineup of musicians who have performed with some of the world’s premier Pink Floyd tribute bands. Furthermore, The Australian Pink Floyd Show showcases vocalists Emily Lynn, Lara Smile, and Lorelei McBroom, who have each made appearances on Pink Floyd albums and tours.

The Dark Side of the Moon

This legendary album from Pink Floyd boasts iconic tracks like Time, Money, and Us and Them, selling over 15 million copies in the United States alone and spending an unprecedented 937 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart. One of music history’s most beloved albums, it offers songs that each tell their own story while weaving together to form one powerful narrative: Dark Side of the Moon is truly one of rock music’s pillars of excellence!

Pink Floyd fans of all ages will delight in seeing classic hits from The Dark Side of the Moon as well as tracks from its other monumental albums, Wish You Were Here, Animals Division Bell, and Medal. Additionally, state-of-the-art lighting, video technology, and giant inflatables will be employed by this fantastic live band for an unforgettable show experience!

Although the band frequently performs an entire set from The Dark Side of the Moon during their tours, this will be the first time they complete the whole album in a planetarium. Furthermore, last year, they released several concerts from 1972 on streaming services that show them workshopping the iconic album prior to its release; although these shows vary in terms of musicality and quality, they provide an intriguing peek into how this iconic group was creating a timeless masterpiece.

The Wall

Pink Floyd pioneered a groundbreaking new direction with The Wall, an almost autobiographical tale of alienation, paranoia, power struggles, and war. At the center of it all was an immense structure named The Wall – all 420 white polystyrene bricks of it! Flamboyant pyrotechnics, including an explosive Stuka dive bomber crash landing as well as giant inflatable puppets, further added to its surreal atmosphere.

Musically, the band was on a tight click-track with no room for random improvisation as had become their trademark. Yet Waters kept his audience entertained through his comedic demeanor and charismatic stage presence – even making eye contact with fans down the front before taking off his dictator’s leather coat for the Run Like Hell song.

The Wall show was an extraordinary undertaking involving three 35mm film projectors to sync images, an elaborate surround-sound system with banks of phase linear and Altec amps at every speaker position, and racks upon racks of signal processing and effects units requiring six engineers. Yet its sound was impeccable – even down to playing every note from the album perfectly. Additionally, there was state-of-the-art lighting/video, pinpoint lasers, and giant inflatables!

Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd returned to Abbey Road Studios following the massive success of The Dark Side of the Moon to record their ninth album, Wish You Were Here. This one was dedicated to band founder Syd Barrett, who had left due to mental illness ten years earlier; its opening track opens with longing for him that continues throughout each song; guitarist David Gilmour is in mourning over him while vocalist Roger Waters contemplates becoming leader again.

A gentle synthesizer plays in the background, signaling their new direction. This contrasts with Syd Barrett’s blues-influenced sound, which Water’s more contemporary approach had replaced; this would come to define their future and ultimately cause power conflicts between Waters and Gilmour that eventually resulted in Waters leaving the group.

Wish You Were Here features some of Pink Floyd’s most intricate and complex songs from their extensive repertoire, such as Time, Money, Us and Them, The Wall, Animals, and Meddle. Additionally, Wish You Were Here features an incredible range of special effects alongside an expert light and sound crew who bring everything alive onstage.


The Australian Pink Floyd Show is the world’s foremost tribute to the iconic UK band. Boasting an astonishing light show, giant circular screen, lasers, and inflatables – this production captures all the drama and grandeur of their final 1994 tour in all its grandeur and pomp!

Pink Floyd is one of the most acclaimed and influential bands in music history, known for their unforgettable live shows characterized by vivid visuals and sprawling set lists. They often performed their albums entirely live, while many songs contained powerful narratives leading up to an exclamatory finish.

Syd Barrett and company were instrumental in shaping psychedelic rock and progressive rock musical styles during their tenure; having formed in 1965 with Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright at its core, this band released several critically acclaimed albums and became a top touring act.

Though they disbanded in 1971, the band reunited for several live shows in 2005 as part of the Live 8 concert to raise awareness about poverty in Africa. Since then, Waters has enjoyed a successful solo career, releasing numerous critically acclaimed albums and undertaking an array of impressive tours; check Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets page to see when and where Waters is playing near you!

The Division Bell

Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell is an outstanding album that showcases their ability to remain cohesive while exploring a variety of musical styles and themes. Thematically, the album addresses communication difficulties between us all and ourselves as individuals; poetic yet imaginative lyrics contribute significantly to an immersive listening experience and feature contributions from numerous lyricists, including lead singer David Gilmour’s fiancee Polly Samson, as well as David himself.

Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell features songwriting that is more diverse than their previous works, drawing upon an array of sounds to craft their distinctive sound. As well as innovative techniques and an atmospheric quality reminiscent of their earlier works.

The album artwork is a visual masterpiece, featuring two giant metal heads the height of a double-decker bus designed by legendary Pink Floyd collaborator Storm Thorgerson and reflecting its theme of communication.


Medal is an unparalleled live music experience, boasting an ensemble of incredible musicians that recreates the sound and emotion of a Pink Floyd show with note-for-note renditions from iconic albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, Animals, and Division Bell. Fans are sure to find something special here!

Pink Floyd is widely revered for their epic concerts that combine groundbreaking visual effects with breathtaking music. Each show typically revolves around an idea or theme; for instance, their 1977 “In the Flesh” tour explored dystopian societies, while their 1994 “Division Bell” tour examined communication issues.

Roger Waters went on to establish himself as an accomplished solo artist after leaving Pink Floyd in the 80s, touring extensively as an impressive solo act. Catch his performances live by buying tickets to any 2023 Pink Floyd USA concert through Vivid Seats now – serious fans may wish to purchase VIP Sound Check Experience tickets, which include preshow performances and Q&A with the band. When purchasing Pink Floyd USA tickets with us, you’ll enjoy our 100% Buyer Guarantee and top customer service from one of North America’s premier ticketing providers.