Phantasy Tour and Fantasy Sports


Phantasy Tour is an interactive website with various forums dedicated to different bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, Disco Biscuits, Yonder Moe, and many others. Additionally, there’s also an exciting fantasy sports-style game available here!

PT fans have been active this week. There have been food threads, Phish-related rumors, and other bits and pieces.

Message Boards

No matter your experience level with Phish, its message boards offer the ideal place for fans, new and veteran alike, to discuss all of the issues related to them. From consulting potential plans of the band to catching up with show reviews from recent shows, these discussions offer great insight into both their music history and current musical offerings. Not to mention that its moderators work tirelessly to maintain a safe and welcoming community environment for discussion!

An active PT forum is an invaluable resource for music fans, and there are dozens of them out there. Some are small, while others boast huge followings – some are even dedicated solely to one band! All these offer fans an invaluable way to discover new artists while forming connections with fellow fans.

The best PT forums are easy to use and contain an assortment of content, along with an efficient search function and a database of tour dates that is regularly updated. Volunteers or paid professionals may run these forums, while some even feature live chat rooms and social media pages where users can engage one another directly.

One of the critical factors in selecting a phishing forum is its reputation. Some of the better ones have active members who contribute to discussions and adhere to strict no-bullying policies; any posts found violating this rule will be removed immediately and immediately deposed by moderators or removed altogether. They may even offer a Wiki as a source of additional information for both newcomers and veteran fans.

A Phish forum can be an ideal place to meet people and share your favorite songs from Phish concerts, while some even feature chat rooms so fans can interact directly. These forums are beneficial if you have never attended one before and would like to find out what other fans think!

A music forum can be an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information from your favorite band, learn more about their past tours, or discuss concerts happening soon. Many forums even have special sections dedicated exclusively to recent shows!

Under The Scales Podcast

Tom Marshall of Phish lyricist dives deep into five different Phish tunes in his new podcast. Joined by RJ Bee and Stephen “Tebo” Thomas as regulars, topics include Trey Anastasio’s Ghosts of the Forest tour with his Hammond organ setup; Page McConnell’s growing arsenal of vintage keyboards; politics involved with selecting songs for albums (why “Twist” wasn’t included on Ghost); Anastasio’s respect for drummer Jon Fishman as well as Trey Anastasio’s recent Ghosts of Forest tour with Hammond organ setup; Page McConnell’s growing collection of vintage keyboards; politics involved with selecting songs for albums (why “Twist” wasn’t included); Anastasio’s respect for drummer Jon Fishman among many other topics discussed during this podcast!

Phish’s latest song, “Blaze On,” is also explored during this episode. Marshall and his co-hosts discuss its lyrics as they pertain to automobiles; similarly, its title could refer to Phish’s history of performing at large arenas.

Notable amongst the many features of this show is its in-depth interviews with members of Phish’s community. Interviewees include former band members such as Brad Sands (the band’s first road manager from 1994-2004). Amy Skelton and Eric Larson were also interviewed.

The podcast has great potential and is definitely worth checking out. Through interviews with members of Phish’s extended family, listeners gain an inside view into its music and culture for decades – not to mention lots of humor! It makes listening an enjoyable experience.

While many have criticized the insularity of the podcast, its singular focus makes it so unique. Rarely will you find such an intense focus on one musical scene as this. And the producers clearly show their enthusiasm through interviews on the show.

Section 119 and Osiris Media have joined forces to produce this podcast, which is available both on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Gabrielle Bluestone and James Del edit each episode while Matt Dwyer does the mastering. If you enjoy the show, consider subscribing to Osiris Premium through Memberful or iTunes or contributing directly through Patreon!

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports, more commonly referred to as rotisserie or roto, are games in which participants create virtual teams from real players from existing professional leagues and then compete against one another over an entire season based on the statistical performance of those players in actual competitions. Fantasy sports in the United States tend to focus on fantasy baseball and gridiron football, while professional soccer (fantasy hockey) and cricket have grown increasingly popular elsewhere, such as in Canada and Britain. Even though daily fantasy sports games are widely played across the United States, their legality remains an ongoing debate and is generally seen as an illegal form of gambling. Daily fantasy sports, which allow users to build and manage teams through transactions, have witnessed tremendous growth.


Phish Forums are a total of rumors and speculation; members of the band themselves have even confirmed some words – for instance, we know they will perform a Halloween run at The Sphere this year, as well as potential tour dates for next season.

Stay informed with all of the latest Phish news with this user-friendly website that features easy navigation and is regularly updated with fresh information. Joining is free, and you can even connect with other fans around the globe!

Phish fans can share their passion for their favorite songs and jam band music with other live music and jam band enthusiasts on the Phantasy Tour Phish forum, where members are friendly and welcoming. Topics can range from music to politics as well as plans of the band itself.

Phish forums provide a wealth of information about Phish concerts and their members. Participants can share photos and videos from shows as well as post their opinions about the band’s performances – an invaluable source of information given their fan base is so vast.

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