The Best Oolong Tea


Oolong tea stands out from both green and black varieties by having multiple degrees of oxidation. Oolong is an exceptional tea, boasting its distinct flavors while taking advantage of green and black tea’s best qualities.

Each oolong tea comprises premium leaves vacuum-sealed to maintain flavor throughout each infusion. This guarantees that each sip delivers maximum pleasure!

Vahdam High Mountain Loose-Leaf Oolong Tea

Vahdam Oolong Tea from Darjeeling, India’s high elevation plantations, is rich in natural antioxidants, which may provide multiple health benefits, while it may help speed up metabolism and decrease fat absorption, making this an excellent option for anyone trying to lose weight.

Hand-plucked whole leaves are used in this tea, and no artificial flavors or ingredients have been added. Packed in a 14-ounce tin that allows multiple infusions without strainers (reducing plastic waste), this product is ideal for novice oolong tea drinkers to experience its light floral-fruity flavors.

Contrary to other oolong teas, this one is prepared at a lower temperature, helping preserve the nutrients and flavor of its leaves. To optimize results, steep the tea for three or four minutes at 90 degrees Celsius/190 Fahrenheit before using water between 180F/190C for best results. Higher temperatures can cause oxidation, compromising its taste and nutritional value and reducing the quality and value of this oolong tea.

Medium-bodied Oolong with toasty and fruity flavors and mild, lingering sweetness is ideal for those allergic to caffeine as it contains less than 1%. They are also available as single-serving bags.

Leaves harvested from high-altitude plantations in the fall and spring give this tea its unique, light, floral-fruity flavor and bright, refreshing aroma. For optimal enjoyment, a famous loose-leaf oolong can be enjoyed hot or iced with or without milk and sugar.

This oolong tea offers low caffeine levels while still boasting the same antioxidants found in green tea and providing L-theanine to users. While more expensive than its peers, this option still represents excellent value for the price.

Rishi Iron Goddess of Mercy Loose-Leaf Oolong Tea

This loose-leaf oolong tea is delicate and bold, perfect for anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship. Milky notes give way to floral citrus aromas as the infusion progresses – creating an increasingly smooth experience with each sip!

This oolong hails from China’s Fujian province, where its high elevation and mountainous terrain provide ideal conditions for growing tea plants. Each leaf is then carefully plucked before withering and partially oxidizing to bring out its unique characteristics, resulting in a smooth yet mellow flavor perfect for pairing with salads and seafood dishes.

Legend holds that this tea’s story is as captivating as its flavor. According to legend, a poor farmer cared for a temple with an Iron Goddess of Mercy statue (Ti Kuan Yin in Buddhism). His kindness so touched her that she instructed him to find a specific tea plant named in honor of Tie Guan Yin; after finding this unique plant, he called it after her and dedicated it to honor her legacy. Today, this loose-leaf version boasts balanced, medium-baked, and 30% oxidization characteristics, offering complex flavors from fresh fruity to dark notes – perfect for enjoying any time.

Production of this tea requires time and skill with multiple cycles of heating and rolling, allowing each leaf to fully develop its aromas and flavors, creating a perfectly balanced blend with sweet undertones from roast nuts and dried apricot notes.

Like other oolong teas, this one contains caffeine to boost energy and mental alertness, but it also contains theanine as a natural relaxant and stress reliever. Furthermore, tea has also been found to assist with weight loss by decreasing the absorption of starch by your body while simultaneously providing antioxidant protection against bad cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health.

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

An old legend about monks and monkeys inspired this exquisite oolong tea. According to this tale, monks would attempt to collect delicate oolong leaves from inaccessible heights of mountains by intentionally upsetting monkeys who lived there so they would rip leaves off nearby bushes for them. Though this story may exaggerate things, it speaks volumes about how much thought goes into producing high-quality teas.

Our Monkey Picked Oolong Tea is a greener style of Tieguanyin, which has been lightly roasted to bring out its natural orchid aroma and floral flavors. Commonly known by various names such as Iron Guanyin or Guan Yin, this beloved Anxi area tea has long been revered for its floral notes and fruity baked aroma. It is ideal for multiple infusions with small amounts of loose leaf used initially so as not to overstrain it too quickly! For best results, serve one cup at a time so it can fully unfurle itself.

Enjoying Oolong tea as part of your morning ritual or afternoon treat will prove relaxing and therapeutic, thanks to its low oxidation level and low astringency that gives it both body and lightness, making for an experience similar to black but with green’s ease. In addition, its antioxidant content may help lower high blood pressure while decreasing insulin resistance.

Oolong tea offers many health advantages, from improving digestion to strengthening teeth and bones, increasing metabolism, decreasing cholesterol levels, and more. Studies have even indicated that its polyphenol content protects against heart disease and cancer.

If you want the whole Oolong tea experience, the ideal way to consume it is in a clear glass brewing vessel and watch as the leaves unfurl and expand over multiple infusions. Pair this treat with quiche, vegetable barley soup, or rustic bread as food pairings!

Twinings Oolong Tea

Twinings Tea Company, founded in 1706 and located on The Strand in London, began selling tea from their original storefront, starting with their Oolong tea with its rich flavors with subtle orange notes, making it a deliciously refreshing way to boost energy and enhance health. Oolong has many health benefits that may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels while aiding weight loss, improving skin health, and helping fight free radicals that damage cells that may eventually cause cancer.

Oolong tea may not be as well known, but it still boasts similar purported health benefits to its better-known counterparts: black and green teas. Oolong contains polyphenols, which may reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels while decreasing insulin resistance and protecting against several diseases and conditions. Furthermore, caffeine provides energy boost and focus enhancer benefits while protecting teeth against decay and keeping bones strong and healthy.

Oolong tea offers several distinct advantages over other varieties of tea, one of which is steeping it multiple times without weakening. This feature makes oolong an economical way of enjoying it while saving money simultaneously; however, too much caffeine in too much oolong tea may harm your health. Excessive doses could increase heart rates, which could prove dangerous if taking medication for medical conditions such as hypertension.

Oolong tea is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including A and C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants may fight free radicals to prevent diseases; reduce premature aging, assist sleep quality at night and relieve stress; and help maintain a healthy weight by helping prevent certain conditions such as diabetes, esophageal, lung, pancreatic colorectal, and oral cancers.