Emerging Wine Regions – Exploring New Frontiers in Winemaking


Until recently, world-class wine production was the exclusive domain of certain storied regions such as Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa Valley. These winemaking dominions enjoy the advantages of centuries of honed and refined techniques and their prestigious reputations that give them a leg up on competing global markets. Discover the best info about Emerging Wine Regions.

Yet, over the past decade or so, it’s become clear that some emerging wine regions are poised to make big waves in the world of fine wines. From formerly overlooked states in the US to far-flung countries such as Norway and Bolivia, these underrated winemakers are making their mark on the industry.

These “new frontiers” are rewriting the wine landscape by proving that high-quality wines can be made in many different places and conditions once thought impossible. The results of these new wine regions’ efforts are creating an ever-increasing array of options for consumers looking to explore different styles and price points. With the help of some highly respected winemakers, these new wine regions also showcase how much skill and ingenuity can go into making great wines previously considered unsuitable for the job.

One such winery is Krsma Estates in Nashik, India. This region has long been a beer and spirits country. Still, when the winery founder, Krishna Prasad, discovered that the region’s volcanic soil was ideal for growing wine grapes, he knew his company had hit upon something special. Now, Krsma produces a wide range of varietals, including Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their flagship Lithology label is a collaboration between winemakers Michel Rolland and Philippe Melka. The result is a wine of fantastic complexity, depth, and elegance that exemplifies what can be achieved when two top winemakers from different areas come together to produce a single bottle.

While established wine regions like Napa and Champagne will always be a mainstay, the revolution in regional United States wines should be noticed. According to wine experts, the quality of wines from various American Viticultural Areas is nothing short of astounding.

Master Sommelier Wayne Belding agrees that it’s time for some of America’s emerging wine regions to receive the recognition they deserve. Having spent much of his professional career judging for competitions such as the Mid-American Wine Competition and the TEXSOM International Wine Competition, Belding has seen many American wineries achieve incredible success. “It’s been satisfying to see some of these smaller areas take off in a big way,” he says. “Some don’t even have their wineries, but they produce fantastic wines.” One such state is the Lone Star State, where the Texas Hill Country has gained momentum. The vineyards in this state are a sight to behold, sprawling across picturesque cities from Fredericksburg to Lampasas and down to Austin. The wines produced there are elegant, fruity, and sophisticated and will please any wine lover’s palate.

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