Delmar Learning


Delmar Learning provides lifelong learning products and services for career education, technology, and trade markets. Their market-leading imprints include Brooks/Cole, Heinle, OnWord Press, and Singular Publishing Group – giving learners access to essential lifelong learning content at any age or skill level.

Distance learning has quickly become an invaluable solution in rural agencies, where it is hard to schedule refresher courses, and urban departments with busy personnel, where organizing refresher courses can be difficult. One recent example is an EMT-Basic refresher course offered by Delmar Learning.

What is Delmar Learning?

Delmar Learning is a publisher of educational and training materials used by students at career schools, colleges, universities, and workplace settings. Their products include complete online courses, certification and test preparation materials, and continuing education resources for professionals; millions of learners rely on them each year. Their primary market includes Career Education, Health Care Technology, and Trades markets.

The company focuses on educating and training students to become productive members of society, offering textbooks, multimedia, assessment tools, digital content, and online learning platforms as core products and services. Based in New York City with international offices located in Amsterdam.

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About Delmar Learning

Delmar Learning produces books, software applications, and videos to foster learning in educational institutions, businesses, and professionals in career education, healthcare, and technology-trade markets. They aim to become an integrated provider of multi-channel lifelong learning solutions.

DelMar’s CLINICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE MEDICAL OFFICE, 3rd Edition, provides medical assistants and students with all the knowledge needed to tackle the vast array of duties encountered in today’s ambulatory care settings. This textbook covers them quickly, from documentation, patient histories, telephone assessments, laboratory procedures, x-ray techniques, and commonly prescribed drugs.

Chapter 15COPYRITE by Delmar Learning, a Thomson Learning company5

At this phase, a nurse must identify information that needs to be taught. She may use learning taxonomies (or domains) to categorize different kinds of learning: Cognitive: knowledge or factual data; Psychomotor: skill acquisition which learners perform; and psychoaffective, how learners feel/believe.

Design The Design phase entails organizing and structuring the content uncovered during analysis. This can be accomplished by setting objectives and sequencing material. Behavioral purposes define specific, measurable behaviors intended to result from teaching sessions; terminal objectives define primary behaviors necessary to reach session goals while enabling objectives to support meeting terminal targets.

Delmar Learning’s mission

Delmar Learning publishes books, develops software, and produces videos designed to advance education and professional environments in educational and professional settings. Their products serve the Career Education, Healthcare and Technology, and trade markets.

The company strives to become a vertically integrated, multichannel provider of lifelong learning solutions. Their products address all stages of student education – from college preparation, career school application, or professional certification exams to strengthening job skills and knowledge throughout a career path.

CLINICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE MEDICAL OFFICE, 3rd Edition, is an invaluable textbook that equips medical assisting students for success in clinical environments. It covers everything from screening procedures for OB-GYNs and pediatricians to laboratory office duties. In addition, its all-new pocket guide offers on-the-go reference while working in the field.

In its classrooms, the company strives to foster an environment where all students can become informed problem solvers and connect their knowledge and its application in everyday life while cultivating leadership and social responsibility among its graduates. Furthermore, they aim to achieve the highest international standards of academic excellence.

Delmar Learning’s vision

Delmar Cengage Learning is the premier provider of skills-based education resources and lifelong learning solutions for students, professionals, and businesses from various industries. Their offerings span complete online courses, textbooks, test preparation tools, study aids, professional certification exams, professional certification fees, and much more – with particular expertise in Career Education, Health Care Technology & Trades courses as well as other offerings such as test preparation materials & study aids for TestPrep (CCTT), professional certification (PCT) programs as well as certification processes (CTC).

Delmar’s ASE Truck Technician Certification Test Preparation Manual, 2E, provides technicians with an up-to-the-minute resource to prepare them to pass all eight ASE truck exams. With its clear writing style and comprehensive coverage of these eight exams – plus plenty of practice questions and tests – this book gives technicians everything they need for success.

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