Dave’s Cat Food Review


Dave’s Pet Food prides itself on upholding small-business ideals and ethics while producing top-quality pet foods made with real meat, whole grains, nutrient-rich veggies, and vitamins and minerals for maximum benefit to their furry customers.

They were founded to offer budget-minded pet parents access to high-quality, cost-effective food to keep their cats happy and their bank accounts balanced. Let’s look closer at one of their most popular cat food formulas, Naturally Healthy Grain-Free Tuna Dinner in Gravy.

Restricted Phosphorus Diet

Diets low in phosphorus may help slow the progression of kidney disease and may prevent bone disease and calcifications, according to research. Reducing intake may also prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis. The traditional low phosphorus diet restricts both natural and artificial sources of phosphorus such as whole grains, nuts, legumes, chocolate, and dairy; any intake exceeding Tolerable Upper Intake Levels of 4,000 mg/d for adults aged 19-70 (UL 4,000) or 3,000 mg/d (ULs 3000+) increases one’s risk for diseases associated with overexposure and potential health concerns associated with overexposure and disease risks.

The new guidelines emphasize limiting how much phosphorus people consume through natural food sources and suggest lowering the phosphorus-to-protein ratio of foods and avoiding processed snack foods with added phosphorous. Finally, they recommend eating smaller portions of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and foods containing additives like flour, vinegar, and salt baking soda.

Check food labels for added phosphates and consult a renal dietitian about limiting naturally occurring phosphorus in meals to maximize meal plan performance while attenuating its impact on kidney health. Dialysis care teams monitor phosphorus levels through monthly lab checks. Any levels exceeding 3.6 mg/dL increase the risks of renal-related bone disease and cardiovascular disease.

Chicken Liver & Chicken Juice Pate

Chicken liver pate is an age-old French recipe with pantry essentials yielding a creamy and luxurious spread. Easy to prepare and sure to impress guests at any dinner party or special gathering, ramekins can even be stored in your refrigerator for any time snacking!

One recipe serves 6-8 people and features the following ingredients:

Twelve cups of chicken livers should be washed, trimmed, and diced before preparation; add one teaspoon of sherry (preferably low in phosphorus; brandy will work just as well), one tablespoon each of thyme (fresh or dried), sage or parsley and 14 teaspoons of salt and 12 teaspoons of black pepper; mix.

Sherry gives this pate its subtle flavor, pairing well with the earthy flavors of sage and garlic. Additionally, its addition helps liquefy livers more easily for mixing purposes. If sherry is unavailable, consider substituting some port or red wine.

The liver is an exceptionally nutritious food source, providing plenty of iron, selenium, and vitamin B12. Plus, it contains antioxidants, which can boost your immunity.

Dave’s Restricted Diet Phosphorus Chicken Liver & Chicken in Juice has been specially developed for cats requiring limited phosphorus intake while offering flavorful nutrition. Furthermore, this grain-free formula does not contain carrageenan to protect their health.

Naturally Healthy Beef & Chicken Dinner

Grain-free to support your sensitive pet’s digestive health, this natural wet cat food features white meat chicken and veggies mixed in gravy for maximum enjoyment. The recipe meets AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for maintenance.

Beef and chicken provide animal-derived proteins to support healthy muscles. This recipe boasts omegas to nourish lustrous coats and vitamins, minerals, and taurine for essential taurine support.

Pumpkin provides essential fiber that supports digestive health, while carrots offer vitamin A and beta-carotene (an antioxidant that promotes eye health). Rice provides your cat with essential B vitamins.

Tuna is an excellent source of both protein and healthy fats. Additionally, its omegas offer plenty of omega-3s while being an abundant source of iodine. In this food product, tuna is harvested using dolphin-safe methods for harvest.

The Naturally Healthy Saucey Tuna Dinner in Gravy is a delectable meal designed for cats. Containing no wheat, gluten, or artificial flavors while providing adequate hydration through ingredients sourced in America, Canada, and Thailand (only tuna cat food flavors manufactured here have dolphin-free production facilities), this food must first pass microbiological safety testing as well as nutritional compliance checks before being sold for sale.

Saucey Tuna Dinner in Gravy

Grain-free with chunks of tuna, this delicious wet cat food is ideal for your feline friend’s diet. It is packed full of tasty fish broth and vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition in each bite because it features dolphin-safe tuna as its ingredient source! Its BPA-free pouch makes feeding it safe for felines while remaining easy for pet parents!

Made with all-natural ingredients such as beef and tuna cooked in flavorful fish broth, this dinner offers your cat essential protein to support her well-being. Being free from grain and gluten guarantees she receives the necessary vitamins and minerals without unnecessary fillers.

NUTRO adult wet cat foods are designed to meet the nutritional standards of AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, making each serving easy for you and your cat. Each tray offers two individual servings, with snap-and-peel opening for easy serving every time! Plus, as with all NUTRO wet cat food recipes, all PERFECT PORTIONS trays contain non-GMO ingredients from trusted farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to quality!