Trick Flow Cylinder Heads For High RPM Circle Track and NMRA Drag Racing


Trick Flow heads provide power-building airflow for high rpm circle track, and NMRA drag racing, with stainless valves, bronze alloy valve guides, ductile iron valve seats, and steel or chrome-moly retainers.

Super 23 195 aluminum heads are direct replacements for factory heads that offer optimal performance with most original accessories, featuring Fast-As-Cast runner profiles to produce near CNC-ported concert at a fraction of the cost.

PowerPort 190

Trick Flow Specialties became an engine power-builder in 1983 with their power-building cylinder heads for small block Chevy, FE Ford, and GM LS engines. Since 2003, they have also offered bolt-on Mopar small block V8 options with their PowerPort 190 aluminum cylinder heads that fit all non-emission 318, 340, and 360 cubic inch Chrysler LA Magnum engines used through 2003.

The PowerPort 190s feature fast-as-cast intake and exhaust runners, CNC-profiled combustion chambers that blend perfectly, ported to fit with stock carburetors and Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap intake manifolds. Their bronze alloy valve guides, ductile iron valve seats, and multi-angle valve seats further increase the performance and durability of these heads.

These heads are an easy, direct upgrade for any 440ci engine, and the company recommends using a 440 lift cam (though with some additional work, you could get them to flow with a 425 lift). Sold fully assembled with premium 11/32″ stainless steel valves and Trick Flow by PAC Racing valve springs, chromoly or titanium retainers, water/fuel separators, and pushrods included!

These heads are an excellent option for street or bracket racers looking for quick starts right out of the box, making them an ideal partner with Track Heat’s single-plane intake manifold, which features high-flow extended runners and a raised plenum floor aimed at increasing horsepower in the 4,000-6,500rpm range.

PowerPort 240

Trick Flow’s PowerPort 240 Mopar aluminum head is designed to deliver serious horsepower at an economical investment. Crafted from premium grade A356-T61 aluminum – which is much stronger and weighs significantly less than cast iron – they feature a heart-shaped 78cc combustion chamber, angled spark plugs, 2.19″ intake, and 1.76″ exhaust valve diameters and can be machined with either standard port or raised port configurations, feature ductile iron valve seats with bronze alloy guides as well as multi-angle valve seat machining on precision Serdi equipment.

These PowerPort 240 heads have been dyno tested to produce up to 620 horsepower at 6,200rpm and 570lb-ft of torque at 5,000rpm, as well as featuring fully profiled combustion chambers and CNC Street Ported runner areas that allow balanced flow from runner to runner for maximum power potential.

These assembled cylinder heads come with premium 11/32″ stainless steel valves, Trick Flow by PAC Racing valve springs, and chromoly or titanium retainers (you may choose below). Designed to use with factory-style Mopar pistons and roller rocker arms. Max Wedge intake manifolds should be utilized for optimal results, along with more enormous valley covers featuring double intake gaskets for each raised port on these heads.

PowerPort 270

Trick Flow’s PowerPort 270 head for big block Mopar engines is their most advanced yet, featuring larger, raised Max Wedge-style intake ports to provide more direct airflow to valves, essential to high rpm power. In addition, each head features its signature high-resolution CNC competition porting for precise dimensional accuracy and balanced flow between runners.

These high-performance heads are cast from premium grade A356-T61 aluminum and include all necessary water passages, auxiliary rocker shaft oil holes, and bronze alloy valve guides. Designed to use factory-style Mopar pistons with aftermarket roller rocker arms and headers. Furthermore, these high-performance cylinder heads have been machined to accept Max Wedge intake manifolds.

The 270 heads feature 1.5 ratio Harland Sharp shaft-mounted roller rockers with high lift valve springs compatible with most solid roller cams, as well as chromoly or titanium retainers, seven and 10-degree steel valve stem locks, fully assembled castings or as bare castings and sold individually. Trick Flow recommends their checking pushrod tool (sold separately) for helping determine pushrod length accordingly; additionally, they’re drilled and tapped for bolt-on nitrous applications. For optimal performance, they recommend installing a 6-bbl manifold (although not required).

Twisted Wedge 185

Twisted Wedge heads have become synonymous with high-performance Ford bracket racers. These 185cc aluminum heads can produce over 600 hp on naturally aspirated engines, becoming so dominant in NMRA racing that NMRA issued a weight penalty!

A vital element of the power behind twisted wedge heads lies in their unique combustion chamber design, which alters where valves are located within cylinder bores and where intake valves are positioned compared with camshaft lift rates, significantly increasing airflow and lift while opening up valve-to-piston clearance and making higher lift camshafts possible without needing fly cut pistons.

Bolt-on aluminum cylinder heads compatible with Romeo and Windsor camshafts, followers, and lash adjusters from OEM suppliers are available here. Additionally, cast aluminum valve covers offer much less distortion and flexing than stamped steel ones and are designed to work on mildly modified 2-V modular engines. Featuring stainless steel valves and 1.100″ beehive springs rated to 90lbs seat pressure at 1.780″ installed height and chrome-moly retainers, these bolt-on aluminum heads provide all OE components at OEM.

The 185cc heads feature Fast As Cast (FAC) runner shapes and locations, which provide near CNC-ported airflow. Their combustion chambers have also been CNC profiled to increase flow rates and promote complete combustion, with intake ports supporting 185cc or 190cc intake capacities and feature compression ratios 9.5:1.