October Flower Tattoo Designs


Every month has a specific flower to represent it, and October flowers include both vibrant marigolds and delicate cosmos blooms.

Tattooing the cosmos flower symbolizes order and harmony in our universe, making it a suitable symbol. A thin line style also gives your tattoo a clean finish for optimal results.


Marigolds are the October birth flower and iconic symbol of hope, passion, courage, and sacrifice – traits associated with the Libra zodiac sign. Therefore, they make for the ideal flower choice when choosing your tattoo design – you could include an outline of one or incorporate multiple marigolds into more complex structures.

Tattooing your arm with a marigold can be ideal for showcasing your personality and honoring those you hold dear. Personalize it further by including dates or names in the design or even add dot work patterns as part of the design. Getting small marigold tattoos, such as ones found on ankles or wrists, also looks cute; why not combine two small marigolds as one large tattoo design?

Choose to add black and grey shading effects to your marigold tattoo, making its design more recognizable and stand out. This would look incredibly stunning on lower leg or ankle tattoos.

Tattooing a marigold flower onto the shoulder is another popular choice for marigold tattoos since this place makes them easy to view daily and displays them prominently. Men may find this option particularly suitable as it adds masculinity. You could get one with more intricate details of your marigold to give it even greater character and make your tattoo distinctive!


Occurring in October are not one but two birth flowers: marigold and cosmos. Both boast rich symbolism that makes them ideal for tattooing: cosmos is associated with harmony and equilibrium while marigold stands out for its vibrant hues and celebration-oriented associations – perfect choices to mark October birthdays and those celebrating others born this month!

Marigolds have long been used in various cultures across the globe as symbols of strength and endurance, representing loved ones who have died while also symbolizing endurance and overcoming challenges – making them an excellent choice for an October birth flower tattoo that symbolizes this quality.

As both flowers represent such profound meaning, they can also cover up tattoos for other pieces. For instance, getting a small marigold tattoo on your neck may bring back childhood memories or highlight who you are as an individual; on the other hand, larger cosmos tattoos on wrists represent love and new beginnings – or you could combine both flowers to create an original and colorful design for your tattoo design.


Every month has an iconic flower associated with it; for instance, March has the daffodil, while April boasts daisies and sweet peas as its representatives. These tattoos make perfect additions to the wardrobe as their beautiful symbols also provide subtlety – ideal if your body art needs to remain unnoticeable!

The cosmos is an increasingly popular choice for tattooing your October birth month as it symbolizes peace and harmony. Their variety of colors makes it easy to find something to match your story or style. If you prefer something with more color, try the aster or morning glory; these flowers represent love, hope, and faith – ideal if you have endured hardship but wish to commemorate their strength.

If you prefer smaller flowers, the marigold makes an excellent choice. It represents strength and femininity as well as motherhood. Furthermore, its vibrant yellow or orange hue represents the sun. Often known by this moniker, golden marigolds are also known as Golden Marigolds.

The thigh is an ideal canvas to display if you want a giant flower. You have plenty of space here for artistic flourishes; add birds or vines for even greater imagination!


Chrysanthemum tattoo designs are trendy among people connected to Asian culture, specifically Japan. Chrysanthemums symbolize family, happiness, and longevity – often serving as symbols for rebirth and royalty and appearing at birthday and wedding celebrations to signify undying love and joy.

If marigolds or cosmos aren’t your thing, chrysanthemum flower tattoo designs offer another excellent choice for October birth flower tattoos. Commonly seen at celebrations and funeral wreaths, chrysanthemum flowers symbolize peace, rebirth, and happiness, often found in red, pink, or white hues – each carrying its meaning, such as red representing love, pink for maternal affection, and white purity.

Chrysanthemums make for beautiful combinations with other flowers and natural elements, including butterflies and the sun – adding even more depth and meaning to this stunning piece of artwork. For instance, this tattoo design combining chrysanthemums with these elements adds more sense than ever!