Top 10 ITI In Bihar



ITIs are usually technical training schools, and the government of Bihar has set up several government ITI colleges in the state that offer different industrial training institutes. And these colleges play a significant role in developing the skills of the youth of Bihar.

ITIs offer vocational courses in Bihar colleges for students interested in skilled trades.

ITI Colleges in Bihar:

Many ITI colleges provide training in various fields in Bihar. For example, these ITI colleges offer practical training for electricians, mechanics, fitters, welders, etc.

Bihar has a total of more than 28 ITI colleges. Each technical training institute helps reduce the state’s skill gap by making every Bihar student a skilled worker.

So, we will discuss the significance of some of the top ITI colleges in Bihar in this article.

The list of the top 10 ITI in Bihar is given below-

S.N. ITI Name Code City ITI Type
1 Govt Industrial Training Institute GR10000038 Bhagalpur Govt.
2 Govt Industrial Training Institute Forbesganj GR10000045 Araria Govt.
3 Adarsh ITC, Daudnagar PR10000142 Aurangabad Pvt.
4 GOVT. I.T.I. MAHKAR GAYA GR10001212 Gaya Govt.
5 MGM Private ITI PU10001061 Araria Pvt.
6 Govt Industrial Training Institute GR10000037 Darbhanga Govt.
7 Deep Lal Singh ITC PR10000423 Aurangabad Pvt.
8 Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women GR10000035 Patna Govt.
9 GOVT. I.T.I. BANKA GU10001214 Banka Govt.
10 Aditya ITC PR10000346 Arwal Pvt.


Bihar’s vocational and training system depends on the ITI colleges listed above. Every year, many students at these ITI colleges in Bihar finish their technical training and get jobs in other states and countries using the skills they learned.

So, these ITI colleges provide students with hands-on training and job opportunities at an affordable cost.

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