I Eat Ass Shirt


Fish catch bass gain mass

Fish Catch Bass Gain Mass Eat Ass Shirt is a stylish new t-shirt that will change both your look and possibly your life! Available as a hoodie, sweater, tank top, or long-sleeve tee for men, women, young people, and kids, this garment makes an impression wherever it’s worn!

This unisex heavy cotton t-shirt offers supreme comfort with its soft jersey fabric that provides an excellent drape. Additionally, its no side seams and taped shoulders increase durability for improved performance, and its smooth surface offers an ideal printing canvas to ensure designs and colors stay sharp and crisp.

The I Eat Ass T-shirt is the ideal way to show the world you are confident, proud, and just a tad cheeky. Wear it at parties and dinners alike to show your sense of humor while showing your bold side! So go ahead – show everyone just who your true colors are!

Drive fast

Show the world you are an admitted-ass eater with this one-of-a-kind shirt! Sure to draw double takes and laughter, it will boost both confidence and a sense of mischief – plus, its premium materials are eco-friendly production methods!

This custom t-shirt makes an excellent present for your husband, boyfriend, or dad – be it birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. Additionally, this funny present makes great Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day presents.


Garfield often finds himself getting into mischief. Jon attempts to keep him at bay but often fails. Garfield can be very creative but sometimes does things that don’t benefit his health; one time, Garfield ate an entire lasagna before collapsing from pain; as punishment, Jon made him sit in the sun for some time before punishing him further.

At another point, Garfield took a shower and ended up trapped in the bathtub. He attempted to get out but could not. Later that same day, while walking through his garden, he fell, breaking his neck in an accident.

One strip showed him getting into an altercation with a spider. When throwing rocks at it, however, one got caught by it and ran off with it.

Jon was trying to persuade Garfield to consume his food. He yelled at him, but Garfield ignored him, instead beginning yelling at the ferns nearby, which started to move back and forth, eventually stopping only after Jon cut them down.

He got into further difficulty for playing with a dryer and vacuum cleaner, breaking them both, then having to repair them himself. Additionally, he broke both TV sets as well as an expensive vase before being ordered not to attend Liz’s date night.

Hunger was another issue he was having, as no food could be obtained from the refrigerator. So he went into his garden to look for vegetables. While searching, he came across some brussels sprouts but decided against cooking them and settled for eating some broccoli instead.

This Official Garfield Eat Ass Funny T-Shirt for Women or Men Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL or 3XL by Burgerstee Fashion LLC makes an adorable winter wardrobe addition. Featuring a graphic of Garfield with the words: “I Came To Kick Butt and Eat Lasagna,” it comes in both light heather grey and dark heather gray fabric options to fit every individual preference and comes complete with 100% combed and ringspun cotton material for optimal comfort.


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