I Beg Your Parton Shirt


A t-shirt is a casual wear item typically constructed of soft cotton fabric that may feature logos, graphics, or slogans printed onto it. T-shirts have become an indispensable component of everyday wardrobe and come in various styles such as crew neck, V-neck, or even sleeveless versions to meet different wearer preferences.

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Lola Kirke embodies a new generation of women proud to show their body hair. She’s leading this movement of celebrating grown-out body hair as part of beauty – this I Beg Your Parton T-Shirt exists to support it; each shirt is hand-printed individually in North Carolina.


Nothing says comfort like a cozy hoodie inspired by Dolly Parton! This heather pale pink hoodie with black Dolly Parton graphic features lightweight yet super soft material for all-day warmth, sitting comfortably around your body with sharp lines around its edges for strong lines while remaining lightweight for streetwear outfits.

Make an unapologetic statement about body hair with this I Beg Your Parton shirt from Lola Kirke! Since introducing her powder-pink Andrew Gn gown and Fuck Paul Ryan pin in 2017, Lola Kirke has shown unwavering acceptance of body hair on social media, often complementing her looks with thickets of armpit hair.