How to Mix Antique Home Decor With Contemporary Styles


Antique home decor adds timeless elegance to any space. Whether it be vintage pottery vases, rustic wooden benches, or even an armoire from another era – antique pieces bring warmth and depth into your home. Check out to know more.

Mixing different eras of antique decor is one of the best ways to give a room an eclectic vibe. Create vignettes featuring your treasured family heirlooms to show off your style!

Mix & Match

Mixing antique home decor with contemporary pieces can give your space an eclectic, artistic atmosphere. However, be wary not to go overboard by mixing too many styles and eras in one room; Hey There Home suggests following the 80/20 rule – choose one design style as the main character while adding other styles as accents so the room won’t appear chaotic or disorganized. Hey, There Home also advises using natural textures such as wool rugs and leather furniture when mixing modern and antique decor for added cohesiveness and warmth in each space!

Hang antique mirrors or prints framed in modern frames to fit with your aesthetic, or display antique chinoiserie ceramics on modern shelving to show off your unique style. Additionally, use antique home decor like apothecary cabinets and shelving to maximize storage and display space – these pieces can help organize linens, blankets, collectibles, or bags in your bedroom, on your living room mantel, entryway, or as rustic drop zones for keys or bags!

Add a Splash of Color

Add some brightness and life to your antique home decor with colorful paintings or figurines displayed framed, such as centerpieces or on shelves or cabinets. Flower pots, vases, colorful metal art pieces, and unique art pieces also help bring antique style into contemporary designs quickly.

Repurposing vintage and antique furniture is another effective way of incorporating it into modern living spaces. For example, creating a coffee table from an old apothecary cabinet is both attractive and helpful in displaying book collections or storing blankets and pillows.

Antiques can be an eco-friendly decorating choice that contributes to sustainable living. By giving pre-loved antiques new life after only being used a few times, reusing pre-owned pieces, and helping reduce waste while simultaneously decreasing demand for mass-produced items – what could go wrong?

Mix Styles

Conventional wisdom dictates that antique pieces don’t blend with modern decor, but this may not always be the case. Indeed, mixing antique furniture with more contemporary styles can bring depth and character to any space, according to London-based design firm Kitesgrove.

One of the easiest and most successful ways to combine modern and antique styles is through textures. Mixing woods and metals or even adding modern accents made to look old creates visual interest. This effect is further amplified by pairing timeless antique decor items like marble chain decor with wood-footed bowls or rustic sconces with Edison bulbs – incredibly timeless vintage decor items that may date back years or centuries!

Color can also help blend styles. A modern gray or white palette works wonderfully when juxtaposed against antique brass or iron furnishings, while modern glassware, such as blue-green tea sets or frosted serving pieces, provides the ideal finishing touches to an antique display.

The 80/20 rule can help your rooms appear cohesive while mixing styles. Stick to your primary style for 80% of each room or home and allow 20% for elements from another style.

Create a Themed Room

Create an authentic vintage room by filling your room with themed antique home decor. Hooks, door knobs, and lighting that tie back into your theme can help to complete the look more quickly than doing it all at once. Mix different eras and styles using one familiar wood tone or textile pattern as a glue; ornate mirrors and china make great pieces to feature when creating vintage gallery walls; nautical chandeliers or beach-themed rugs are great additions to an ocean-themed room.

Adding storage to any room with antique home decor is a simple way to stay organized. Make the most of available space by transforming old lockers into entryway tables for shoes and coats or placing one behind your sofa as a coffee table. Wooden crates also work great for organizing any number of uses, from fresh herbs in the kitchen to office supplies in an office environment – even being creative might earn you one that doubles up as both a vase or plant stand!

Add Storage

Antique pieces can make great additions to any home if used creatively as storage solutions. An old apothecary cabinet could serve as both a coffee table and storage unit in your living room; an old metal milk crate could even serve as an effective shelving unit in the kitchen or hold extra blankets and pillows in your living area!

Vintage and antique furniture, decorations, and accents can make an excellent addition to any home, but you must understand your style and what kind of atmosphere you wish to create in order to select items that fit.

Vintage and antique decor is an eco-friendly way to furnish your home, giving new life to pre-loved pieces while simultaneously decreasing waste production and demand for mass-produced furniture. Find a storage facility nearby so that your antique and vintage finds will have enough space!