Why You Should Consider Trailer Demolition


If you own a trailer or mobile home on your property, now may be the time to consider getting rid of it. Due to their lightweight frames and thin walls, these structures tend to deteriorate faster than traditional houses and should probably be taken down as part of a spring cleanout effort. The best guide to finding Main Street Demolition Georgetown.

Though you might be tempted to demolish the trailer yourself, hiring a professional is always best for several reasons. Here are just a few:

It’s an Eyesore

Trailers provide an economical means of traveling, yet can quickly become an eyesore if left abandoned on your property. A broken-down trailer can consume valuable space; therefore, it is wiser to hire a professional to perform trailer demolition than try it yourself, as doing so can be dangerous; one misstep could cause the entire structure to collapse, something which you would not wish upon anyone!

Mobile homes and trailers tend to have shorter lifespans than traditional houses and eventually begin falling apart. When this occurs, it is vital that they be taken down by a licensed, professional demolition service. The crew should start by cleaning and emptying out any belongings so they can assess their condition more fully and safely dismantle them.

Keep in mind that most cities, towns, and municipalities in North Carolina require permits when demolishing trailers. Permit fees typically vary based on where you reside in North Carolina – it would be prudent to discuss this matter with any prospective demolition company to see whether their prices include such charges.

It’s Rusty

Rust can form on almost all metals when left exposed to all weather conditions, including iron. Rust will soon form, eating away at the metal components of a trailer’s structure while weakening it overall, possibly leading to components not functioning correctly or even dismantling altogether.

An effective way to quickly remove rust is to scrub the area with a wire brush before spraying rust remover as per product instructions. Once you’ve achieved success in eliminating all traces of rust, clean and rinse with water and soap before giving another spray of rust converter to help stop further outbreaks in that spot.

Regular maintenance can help prevent the formation of rust on trailers, but sometimes, this is not feasible. When signs of rust have already appeared, professional trailer demolition may become necessary to bring stability back into play and regain stability quickly and safely. An experienced contractor should know how best to carry out such tasks safely.

It’s Damaged

Trailer demolition should only be attempted if you are an experienced carpenter; even simple demolition tasks can become hazardous when performed improperly. Instead, hiring an insured and experienced demolition company will guarantee its completion safely, efficiently, and correctly – not to mention how best to dispose of debris without harming the environment.

Though the city has publicly communicated its intent to proceed with the demolition of occupied trailers, it’s simultaneously looking for suitable housing solutions for residents to relocate into. Last week, in a counterclaim filed against Defiance Partners LLC, it claimed Defiance had misled tenants by renting them trailers they knew would soon be torn down before telling them they must vacate immediately.

Before initiating the process of demolition, make sure that any utility companies have been informed and can safely disconnect service. Also, clear away any obstacles in order to provide a clear workspace during the destruction phase. This includes taking steps such as clearing away items from windows and doors before noting any hazardous materials within the structure that should be safely removed and disposed of appropriately. Lastly, wall fixtures and shelving should be removed from within the trailer itself.

It’s Old

Trailers were never intended to outlive their 50-year lifespan; therefore, when they become outdated and neglected, they can quickly become an eyesore on any property. Many opt to remove old mobile homes by demolishing them—this process only requires access to the trailer itself as well as appropriate tools.

Before beginning demolition, it is vital to notify utility companies and remove any obstacles that might hinder the process. Furthermore, your demolition contractor should acquire any necessary permits and verify that they are insured accordingly.

As part of the mobile home demolition process, it is beneficial to create an inventory list of materials used for each section so they can be appropriately disposed of. For instance, appliances in mobile homes often contain metals like steel or copper, which can be recycled; these should be separated and taken directly to an appropriate waste management facility for recycling.

The ideal way to determine the cost of a trailer demolition is to contact multiple contractors. Make sure to request detailed quotes so you can compare pricing and services offered by each firm; ask about any extra fees, such as permit costs or trash removal, that might apply as well.