Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) Has a Moulded Legs Variation


Han Solo earned himself a name as an outlaw smuggler throughout the galaxy until Jabba the Hutt captured and trapped him inside carbonite for ransom. Once in carbonite, Leia told Han that she loved him so she could rescue him from Jabba’s grip.

Han Solo joined Princess Leia’s rebel cell and helped them establish a base on Hoth, an ice planet known for its subzero temperatures, which are known to be deadly. This figure features Han wearing his iconic blue parka while carrying his blaster in its holster.

Character Details

Han Solo, an ace pilot and smuggler with an irrepressibly warm heart, stands out as one of the galaxy’s most lovable rogues. Wittic, cheating, and self-centered when it comes to himself; when it comes to his friends, though – there’s nothing Han wouldn’t risk his life for! Born on Corellia’s White Worms criminal gang, where he cut deals for Lady Proxima before fleeing as a flight cadet at Imperial Academy before his independence led him straight onto Mimban battlefront where he served as a mud trooper!

Han runs into Tobias Beckett while serving as a swamp trooper on Mimban. By blackmailing them into accepting him into their gang of criminals posing as Imperial officers, Han manages to convince Wookiee outcast Chewbacca to fight alongside him during an execution, then escapes with help from Beckett’s henchmen – before Beckett sympathetically recruits both Han and Chewie for his planned train heist on Vandor and steal shipments of coaxium from several Imperial ships heist.

Han’s plan goes wrong when his stolen coaxium is discovered by Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany), the crime lord behind the Crimson Dawn syndicate. Han offers to take Qi’ra with them, now serving under Vos, to explain what has occurred; Beckett initially refuses until Han bribes him with an unrefined coaxium sample from another location and convinces him to come with them.

Jabba, the Hutt’s henchmen, eventually captures Han and Leia, with Leia taken prisoner as Jabba forces her to become his slave instead of Oola (whose life Jabba had earlier put in peril by feeding it to rancors as punishment for turning him in). Han rescues them both and leads them back into his Falcon to join the rebellion against Imperial rule – Han remains an honorable and selfless friend and father thanks to Alliance members he met during this journey; even though initially wary of General Veers, his determination remains undiminished: to save Luke Skywalker while destroying Death Star is strong.


After Princess Leia’s rebellion lost support from the Alliance, they were forced to evacuate their headquarters on Yavin 4 using Force technology and relocate to Hoth. Here, they set up Echo Base, where they expanded ice caverns while adapting transports for use on Hoth’s subzero climate. Rebel scouts patrolled this area using Tauntauns (bipedal lizards capable of withstanding harsh environments). To avoid being discovered by Imperial probe droids, they relied upon native bipedal creatures called Tauntauns, which could help them adapt quickly to Hoth’s extreme conditions.

Han Solo joins the Hoth Rebels at Echo Base dressed for cold conditions – wearing a brown quilted parka with rank insignia and fur-trimmed hood, complete with cap and goggles for protection from the elements.

This figure’s sculpt is excellent for an older figure. Though the articulation may be lacking compared to some of the newer Black Series figures, Han still has plenty of movement thanks to his bulky Hoth gear, which does not hinder his possibility at all. Furthermore, the head sculpt is quite good and captures some essence of Harrison Ford himself while also remaining accurate to character.

This Han is an ideal addition to any Star Wars collection. He fits right in with Hasbro’s other Hoth Rebel figures like Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Commander Cody, as well as Sideshow Collectibles’ 6-inch scale Ewoks and Wampas that should begin shipping around April of 2020; don’t miss our full review here of this figure either!


Although other vintage action figures often boast minor paint variations, Han solo (Hoth Outfit) figures contain one major one that was only recently documented: Moulded Legs Han. This variation features legs molded in tan but with blue jacket paint applied after release (PCH and PBP releases alike). Although rare, finding one simply by searching jpg images would likely prove fruitless.

Hoth Han Solo, as seen here in his Hoth gear as he travels towards Echo Base, is captured in this painting by Hoth Han solo artist William Weiser. Han is wrapped up tightly, wearing both his iconic quilted parka with rank insignia and fur trim, as well as goggles to complete his bulky appearance.

This figure marks the debut of the Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) costume as a 6th-scale action figure, featuring Harrison Ford wearing it from The Empire Strikes Back. The ensemble first made an appearance as an exclusive bonus feature of DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II game but was later added to their store as either Credits or Crystals purchases – sure to please collectors alike.


After the destruction of the first Death Star, Princess Leia’s rebel cell fled their headquarters on Yavin 4 and sought sanctuary on Hoth, an isolated ice planet seemingly devoid of life. There, they established Echo Base by expanding ice caverns and adapting their transports for its extreme subzero climate. To protect themselves against Imperial probe droid detection, they enlisted help from native bipedal lizards known as Tauntauns that could endure Hoth’s frigid conditions as scout patrols patrolled this way tauntauns – local bipedal bipedal bipedal bipeds capable of withstanding Hoth’s freezing climate as guards.

This figure captures Han Solo in his Hoth outfit as seen in Empire Strikes Back, complete with his brown quilted parka with a rank logo on its chest and soft-molded holster and blaster pistol to replicate his signature accessories.

Though this figure is outstanding, there are a few minor flaws worth noting. First is the failure of Han’s holster’s hook-and-loop closure to function, though this shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Second, only having swivel forearms instead of hinged wrists makes posing with his blaster more challenging than necessary. Finally, Han can’t really use macrobinoculars due to their size, making them too cumbersome and fragile for him to use them properly!

Though there may be minor flaws, this figure is an exceptional piece that would make a fine addition to any collection. Adding Hoth rebel troopers would make this addition incredibly cool. And it pairs nicely with all of Hasbro’s releases since last year! You can keep track of your vintage Star Wars action figure collection or wish list free here at Galactic Collector. Click the image below to begin building it, with room for up to 10 items per account! Happy collecting!