How to Build Mage Sol in World of Warcraft


Aurelion Sol is a burst-oriented mage who packs a powerful punch with both her abilities and passive. Bancroft’s Talon provides high magical power at an economical price point, making Bancroft’s Talon an invaluable item in Sol’s arsenal.

Unstable Manifestation – Sol unleashes her flame and fury from above, striking eight times along a moveable ground target location. Enemies hit are knocked back upon initial impact, while subsequent hits deal only 30% damage each.

Obsidian Shard

Holding it, your mind wanders to distant shores where waves pound against rocks that seem to shudder in response to the chill of water.

The Obsidian Shard is a practical penetration item for Sol, negating 33% of the tower and Phoenix magical protection stacks while providing 15% more damage when she drops below 80% health and can even repair broken armor with only a 10-second cooldown! This item is excellent for use in the lane as it allows Sol to stun enemies that come near and clear jungle camps more rapidly.

Obsidian Shard also assists her in team fights, giving her increased magic power and life from basic attacks. It can be built early or late, depending on the matchup and her tanking needs.

Finally, this item provides some significant CC reduction by making her abilities more reliable and helping her avoid stuns more easily. It may be built anytime from 2nd Tier 3 up until 4th Tier 3.

Dynasty Plate Helm is another strong option, providing outstanding stats at an economical price, helping with both her damage output and providing counterplay against her opponents. Doom Orb could also prove helpful should she need to escape enemy backlines while providing additional damage. Bumba’s Mask could be another solution if extra sustain should be required during jungle camp clearing missions.

Chronos Pendant

The Pendant is an essential item for Sol players as it combines damage with cooldown reduction for maximum survivability against enemy healers. Constructing one early as her second tier 3 item or as late as her fourth tier 3 will provide Sol with this crucial advantage over her enemies. It should also help her survive against these healers more efficiently.

As Sol makes basic attacks, she builds up heat. This allows her to unlock Magical Power as well as reduce her cooldown times on all abilities by 1.5% per use – helping keep combos alive for longer and increasing their impact over time.

Sol has recently seen several modifications designed to accentuate her strengths. Her Unstable Manifestation now deals more damage, offering an effective means for staying in combat when necessary, while Radiance currently serves both as a wave-clearing tool and another means for quickly building up Heat.

Talon Trinket is an exceptional item for any god looking to add significant amounts of Magical Power and Lifesteal to their build. Its main draw is being built as early as a second item for many gods, thus providing fast access to these stats at relatively low costs – especially Sol, who can take it as her starting item and immediately gain significant Magical Power and an increase of 8% magical lifesteal. Consequently, many mage players opt for this as an early-game option.

Demonic Grip

Sol requires an effective means to engage enemies when she does not have access to her ultimate ability for escape. This item provides Sol with decent physical damage output as well as early-game sustain.

Sol is an excellent mid/lane pick when selecting her items, as this item gives her an increase in magical power and attack speed, enabling her to deal damage quickly while they still have low health. Furthermore, its anti-CC protections make this item an invaluable ally in team fights.

One common misunderstanding regarding this item for Sol is that it should be built early when there are far superior items offering similar stats at lower costs. However, this item does provide ample life and could make an excellent addition to her build later in the game.

This item provides Sol with an excellent movement boost and immunity from slows. It is an ideal choice when she needs to engage or flee a fight or dangerous situation quickly; the Book of Thoth could become redundant with this relic’s power boost. However, take caution when using this relic since activating Disapparate accidentally could leave Sol exposed for a short period. Furthermore, purchase Ward early to prevent enemies from ganking your lane; start Disapparate just before minion waves reach the tower to return home base quickly!

Book of Thoth

The Book of Thoth was an ancient Egyptian book containing magic spells to interpret animal speech and see gods themselves. The Book was kept hidden in Nefrekeptah’s tomb alongside Ahura and Merab – only the most potent scribes and magicians were allowed to read it.

Setna was among those capable of doing just that. A great scribe and powerful magician, Setna fell madly in love with the Book of Thoth; to him, it wasn’t enough that it could just be read; nothing would satisfy him until it was in his possession.

As soon as he saw the tomb guards approaching, Setna took a deep breath and grabbed hold of the Book of Thoth before running from them – with Nefrekeptah, Ahura, and Merab giving chase after him – yet Setna refused to be caught, taking an exquisite piece of royal linen fabric woven into a belt, he secured the Book of Thoth firmly against his chest using this girdle.

The Book of Thoth is an essential item for Sol, providing magic life and damage. However, it would help if you placed this piece on her build list after Shoes of the Magi but before Bancroft’s Talon so as to maximize her burst potential.

Soul Reaver

Sol’s Soul Reaver is a highly potent item. It provides her with more burst potential while eliminating her weakness against tanks, making it an excellent starter item or alternative to more common core pieces like Shoes of Magi and Polynomicon. Furthermore, its rapid construction allows Sol to build Tier 2 items such as Rod of Tahuti and Obsidian Shard much earlier.

Soul Reaver, Raziel’s reincarnation from Blood Omen and erstwhile lieutenant under vampire lord Kain, is a potent weapon capable of taking down even the strongest champions. Set 1500 years after Blood Omen’s events; its narrative follows Raziel as he attempts to seek revenge against those responsible for his death and restore justice in his quest for revenge.

Sol should use this item during her early game to improve her health, though its primary use comes at later levels when her health drops below certain thresholds. Furthermore, it makes an ideal replacement item for more costly Tier 3 pieces like Bancroft’s Talon.

Dynasty Plate Helm and Book of the Dead are also worthy items, and both provide incredible value at their cost. In specific scenarios, they could help Sol survive more dangerous encounters in her game.

Rod of Tahuti is an essential item for all Magical Damage-based gods, making an impressionful statement about your magical power and penetration capabilities. Any Mage build should definitely feature this item. Polynomicon may no longer be high on Sol’s list, as one might assume, due to more reliable core options such as Dynasty Plate Helm or Obsidian Shard being available – its importance has decreased somewhat this season with other reliable options being introduced like Dynasty Plate Helm or Obsidian Shard becoming popular Season 3.