Create a Flexible and Agile Workplace With Condeco Desk Booking


Establish an adaptable workplace using desk booking software. Give employees access to reserve the perfect space on mobile, the web, kiosks, or digital desk screens that fit their specific needs. Get the Best information about sdit.

Check-in, find a seat, and start working quickly and effortlessly with the user-friendly touch screen. Everything is clearly displayed on interactive floorplans for more straightforward navigation; users can book new workspaces with just a tap!

Easy to use

From web browsers, mobile apps, and Outlook to touchscreen hardware outside meeting rooms, our solution is intuitively designed for everyone to use. People can find workspaces and check in for one day or longer, reserve additional spaces such as gathering areas or parking spots, order catering or video conferencing services, and prepare themselves with visitor management tools before meeting with guests.

Provide a range of workspaces that cater to everyone’s role, schedule, and working preferences. People can select focus, collaboration, contemplation, and teamwork spaces; hybrid schedules that combine individual-focused work with collaborative group tasks can even be created using this flexible arrangement. This flexibility enables employees to be productive throughout the day while giving them a sense of control in their roles, thus increasing employee satisfaction levels.

Desk bookings can be fixed, flexible, or both and assigned directly to individuals before being released for broader use when employees leave. Recurring events will automatically book into the appropriate space every day, while Condeco will find another space that meets all criteria and update invitee calendars when moving meetings.

Our customizable reporting solution gives you a tool to track workspace utilization closely, helping to inform better design decisions. Gain insight into bookings by the desk, location, time of day, no-show, and check-in rates, and then use our dashboards and Microsoft PowerBI integration to analyze this data in various ways.

Easy to install

Condeco makes it simple to create an accommodating workplace that meets the needs of every employee. Our desk booking software enables employees to reserve workspaces when necessary, creating a more dynamic workplace for the modern workforce. Employees can easily reserve workspaces via mobile, web browsers, kiosks, or desk screen signage or through an Outlook-specific app.

The system can provide flexible and fixed workspaces tailored to any role or schedule. It assigns individual employees space if they do not check in at their designated times, but when that person fails to check in, they become available again for use by other workers. Furthermore, tracking who has been present helps businesses reduce occupancy costs. An exceptionally fantastic fact about sdit.

Condeco’s analytics solution gives businesses an insightful glimpse of how workspaces are being utilized and for how long. Organizations can easily track usage patterns, monitor trends, and make more informed design decisions using this easy-to-install software, which seamlessly integrates with existing solutions for an enjoyable user experience.

Condeco’s v3 Desk Booking Software now comes equipped with new features to assist organizations with implementing activity-based working and desk sharing, such as quickly closing desks with one click on an online floor plan and selecting their preferred area. Furthermore, its HR feed integration enables seamless synchronization of user attributes or group permissions so as to reduce manual effort; moreover, users may nominate up to 20 delegates who may access and amend calendars on behalf of their creators.

Easy to manage

Our solution provides front-of-house staff with an easy way to manage meeting room and desk bookings through an intuitive workflow from any device – web browser, mobile app, Outlook mail client, or touch-screen hardware outside rooms – including website/mobile app/Outlook mail client/Touchscreen hardware outside rooms. From booking meeting spaces or desks to sending invitations and managing catering or video conferencing needs, everything can be managed from a central hub – freeing up valuable time spent providing exceptional experiences. Typically, the Interesting Info about sdit.

Return to Office Solution makes it simple and seamless for employees returning after periods of absence while ensuring desks are cleaned prior to new occupancy and providing contact tracing reports if remote working is necessary. Administrators can set booking allowances and configure teams as a means to regulate capacity and occupancy – with desks quickly closing at booking points, showing clear evidence on floor plans of spaces being taken up at that moment in time.

Condeco desk screens provide users with an intuitive way to book space across an office using touch-in/out reservation functionality. Booking details are clearly displayed on the screen. Users can select location and feature, search for space today or days ahead, and see results displayed as visual floor plans.

Meeting rooms and desktop screens from Condeco can also be equipped with smart calendars that automatically check invitees’ availability in the office to find suitable space, thus saving time and improving user experience. In terms of accessibility features, Android users will benefit from system voice over support as well as our web app, featuring a new accessibility menu and home page adhering to WCAG AA 2.1 standards.

Easy to monitor

Condeco desk booking is the ideal tool for supporting flexible working within any workplace. Easily scalable, this solution allows you to monitor usage across your organization with clear visibility into available desks and meeting rooms, both fixed and flexi desks, and hotelling functionality for personal spaces and meetings. Employees have the freedom to book space by the hour and can quickly locate colleagues using its search capability, available both through desktop applications and mobile apps.

Employees can quickly check in and out of their desks using either an on-screen process or a QR code, with push notifications notifying users of any changes to their booking. Furthermore, users can nominate up to 20 delegates who can manage and make any necessary modifications on their behalf.

As part of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations must effectively manage room and desk resources according to seating plans and sanitization protocols. Our software offers several tools that ensure the safe use of workspaces, including contact tracing reports that can be run for individual users and remote working options when colleagues report sickness.

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