Boulder Community Health


Boulder Community Health stands out as an independent healthcare system in Colorado that has continuously innovated over decades to adapt to population shifts in Boulder County.

Della Cava Family Medical Pavilion was the latest expansion, housing adult inpatient behavioral health services and counseling centers – plus Guerra Fisher Institute Boulder ElectroConvulsive Therapy services.

Mental Health Services

If you are suffering from mental health issues in Boulder, there is assistance available from various community health services. This may include walk-in crisis centers, residential care homes, outpatient treatment, and counseling for adults and children. You may also access support groups for mental illness, substance abuse, and family therapy; these can provide invaluable help with dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety and education about managing your condition.

Boulder Community Health is revolutionizing its mental health care offerings with a new Della Cava Family Medical Pavilion at 4801 Riverbend Road, featuring cutting-edge inpatient behavioral health services.

Innovative Design The innovative design of the Behavioral Health Unit emphasizes patient comfort. Tunable lighting replicates natural daylight cycles, and rooms are designed to feel like home. Patients can participate in activities or take time for privacy and solitude. Our staff of psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and psychiatric technicians is here to support your recovery journey!

The staff at this facility is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional care, using evidence-based practices and an integrated team approach for the holistic treatment of individuals. Their staff strives to help individuals realize full recovery while working closely with you on creating an individual care plan to meet all your needs – accepting private insurance and Medicare and Medicaid for payment.

In addition to offering various outpatient treatment services, this facility offers an intensive residential program for adolescents suffering from severe emotional disturbance and psychiatric disorders. Their holistic approach emphasizes building self-worth and independence for each child returning home after completion of treatment; services include family and group therapy sessions as well as educational/vocational programs and parenting skills training.

Boulder is a vibrant and culturally diverse community boasting numerous recreational opportunities. There are many restaurants and coffee shops along Pearl Street pedestrian mall, in addition to plenty of shopping venues and art galleries. Boulder also features an efficient public transit system with reliable service ranked as one of the healthiest cities nationwide.

Behavioral Health Services

Boulder Community Health offers numerous behavioral health services available to the public, ranging from crisis services and comprehensive outpatient treatment for mental illness and substance abuse for both adults and children, diagnosis and psychiatric treatment to social/educational/vocational rehabilitation services provided through Boulder Health Access Partners (BHAP). Through Mental Health Partners, BHAP also offers access to prescribing services, medication management plans, MAT (Medication-assisted Treatment), prescribing management tools as well as education about mental health issues to its partnership of collecting and reporting data that better understand the availability of mental health services within Boulder County while developing plans to fill gaps in service provision while providing education about this subject matter within its county limits.

Boulder Community Health’s Della Cava Family Medical Pavilion is an advanced facility featuring some of the most cutting-edge mental health care available today. As part of its ongoing commitment to expand essential services, BCH continues to grow and evolve its facilities such as this one.

Boulder is one of America’s healthiest cities and home to numerous acclaimed mental health facilities, such as Colorado Recovery. Colorado Recovery stands out for its commitment to personalized patient attention and tailored treatment plans. It offers services for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other serious mental illnesses at its residential/transitional treatment center facility.

Boulder offers many cultural and recreational resources, including its Pearl Street Mall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder Dushanbe Tea House, and the city library. There are also restaurants, coffee shops, and bookstores throughout town; retail stores display seasonal crafts; recreational activities include yoga, tai chi, and massage therapy – not forgetting its gorgeous parks and trails in the Rocky Mountains!

Telehealth Services

BOULDER COMMUNITY HEALTH offers virtual visits with healthcare providers. These video meetings allow for convenient communication with healthcare teams and the ability to obtain answers without leaving home. With modern technology, you and your provider will discuss medical symptoms, test results, and potential treatment options together.

Boulder Community Health had made steps toward starting its telehealth program before the pandemic; however, patient and provider interest proved scarce. When COVID-19 spread rapidly in Boulder, it provided the program with much-needed momentum; within one week of this outbreak’s arrival, Boulder had set up capabilities so employees could work from home and provide remote patient monitoring to patients who would have otherwise required admission into hospital.

Boulder Community Health offers its patients remote access to healthcare services such as remote chaplain care, psychiatric rounding, and telemedicine. Their system boasts a primary campus with a hospital, mental health pavilion, and approximately 25 clinics – they aim to ensure local access to high-quality medical care and keep communities healthy.

Although BCH is independent, it still faces challenges in growing its scale in an industry dominated by large systems that control more resources and have a wider reach. To address this challenge, they partnered with UnitedHealth Group’s Optum to stay independent while expanding capabilities through Optum’s expertise in data analytics, revenue cycle management, and care coordination services. Around 280 BCH employees will remain employed at the organization and continue independently making patient care and strategic planning decisions.

Community Health Services

Boulder Community Health provides community health services, including support groups for individuals suffering from mental illness, substance abuse and addiction programs, and housing assistance services. These programs aim to assist people struggling with homelessness, depression, or domestic violence and develop new skills to increase their quality of life.

CMS has awarded this facility with five stars, signifying high-quality care. Their staff members are exceptionally well-trained to deliver outstanding care to their patients. They can quickly detect changes in patient condition and effectively treat any associated problems, offering medication, counseling sessions, and home visits for those unable to travel into their office.

Boulder Community Health is a non-profit organization with 100 years of service. Operating independently as an independent health system with an entirely local board of directors, they have long been recognized for their innovative work and community involvement; for example, they were the first hospital in Colorado to install solar panels and offer employees free RTD Eco-Passes; their facilities also feature gardens and rooftop greenhouses while they offer organic meals in their cafeterias – these distinctions only add up!

MyBCH provides an online connection to your medical record and health care team accessible 24/7 on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. It allows you to manage appointments and pay your bills more quickly and safely – visit their website and follow their on-screen instructions! Get started today.

HAI measures demonstrate how frequently patients at BOULDER COMMUNITY HEALTH acquire certain infections during their stay compared to similar hospitals nationwide. These infections include central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), surgical site infections from colon surgery or abdominal hysterectomy procedures, and Clostridium difficile laboratory-identified events.

Boulder Community Health offers financial assistance for eligible patients through two programs – Hospital Discounted Care Program and Colorado Indigent Care Program – which determine eligibility based on an overview of a patient’s current financial circumstances.