Biography of Steve Jobs, Struggle & his personal life



Steven Jobs was an American business tycoon and inventor. Former C.E.O. of computer, laptop, and mobile phone maker Apple and well-known American industrialist Steve Jobs struggled to achieve this position in life. He resigned from this position in August 2011. Steven Jobs also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Pixar Animation Studios. In 2006, Steve Jobs was on the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company, after which Disney acquired Pixar. He worked as an executive producer in the 1995 film Toy Story.

Early Life Struggle:

Born in San Francisco (California), he did not have much money, and he used to work in the summer holidays to overcome his financial troubles.

Jobs graduated from Reed College in Portland in 1972. While studying, he had to sleep on the ground in his friend’s room. He raised money for food by selling Coke bottles and got free food (once a week) from the nearby Krishna temple (Hindu Lord in India). Jobs had a net worth of about $ 5.1 billion and was the 43rd richest person in America.

The biological and adoptive family:

Steve Paul Jobs was born on (1955), February 24, in San Francisco, California. Steve’s parents were not married at his birth, decided. That’s why Steve was adopted by California’s Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs. Clara Jobs did not graduate from college, and Paul Jobs only attended high school.

When Jobs was five, his family moved from San Francisco to Mountain View, California. Steve Paul worked as a carpenter and a mechanic and taught his son basic electronics and ‘how to work with his hands, while Clara was an accountant and taught Steve to read. Educated at Monta Loma Elementary School and higher education at Cupertino Junior High and Homestead High School. After graduating high school in 1972, Jobs attended Reed College in Oregon, but Reed College was too expensive, and his parents needed more money. As a result, Steve dropped out of college and enrolled in creative classes, one of which was in calligraphy.

The Search for Spiritual Knowledge:

In mid-1974, Jobs and some of his Reed College friends came to India to meet Karoli Baba in search of spiritual knowledge. But when he reached Karoli Baba’s ashram, he learned he had died in September 1973. After that, he decided to meet Hadkhan Babaji. He spent much time in India in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. After living in India for seven months, he went back to America. He changed his appearance, shaved his head, and started wearing traditional Indian clothes while also becoming a serious practitioner of Jainism and Buddhism. After that, the unprecedented changes that came to him gave him the go-ahead to create a company like Apple.

Foundation of Apple Computer:

In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak formed their own business, which they named “Apple Computer Company.” Steve Wozniak invented the Macintosh Apple 1 computer. When Wozniak showed it to Job, Job suggested selling it, so he and Wozniak started building an Apple computer in the garage. He received funding from Mike Marakkulla, a semi-retired Intel product marketing manager and engineer, to accomplish this task.

1978, Mike Scott from National Semiconductor was recruited as Apple’s chief executive officer. In 1983, Jobs asked greedy John Scully to leave Pepsi-Cola to take over as Apple’s C.E.O., “Do you want to change the world, or spend the rest of your life selling sugar water.” Want a chance?”

On April 10, 1985, and during a board meeting on April 11, 1985, Apple’s board of directors authorized Scully to remove Jobs from all his roles except as chairman.

But John stopped this decision for a while. A board meeting was held to resolve the matter on May 24, 1985, at which Jobs was removed from his managerial duties as head of the Macintosh division.

Next Computer:

After resigning from Apple, Steve founded NeXT Inc. in 1985. NeXT Workstation was known for its technical strength; it aimed to create a purpose-oriented software development system. Tim Berners-Lee invented the W.W.W. on the Next Computer. Within a year, due to a lack of capital, he formed a partnership with Ross Perot, and Perot invested his money in Next. In 1990, NeXT launched its first computer, priced at $ 99999. But this computer was not accepted in the market due to being expensive. Then, NeXT made a new advanced ‘inter personal’ computer in the same year.

Return to Apple:

In 1996, when Apple’s market condition deteriorated, Steve became Apple’s chief executive officer after selling Next Computer to Apple. He worked as a C.E.O. in the company from 1997, and Apple achieved great success under his leadership when the iMac came on the market in 1998, a P.C. with a beautiful and less transparent shell. In 2001, Apple manufactured the iPod. Then, in 2001, the iTunes Store was created. In 2007, Apple made a mobile phone called the iPhone, a huge success. In 2010, Apple made a tablet computer called the iPad. In 2011, he resigned as C.E.O. but remained the board’s chairman.

Personal Life:

Jobs has a sister named Mona Simpson. They had their first daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs, from an old relationship in 1978.

In 1991, he married Lauren Powell. He had three children from this marriage. One boy and two girls. The boy’s name is Reed; he was born in 1991. Their elder daughter’s name is Erin, born in 1995; the younger daughter’s name is Eve, born in 1998. He was a big fan of the musician The Beatles and was greatly inspired by them.


In 2003, Steve Paul Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He did not get proper treatment for this disease. Jobs died on October 5, 2011, at around 3 p.m. in his Palo Alto, California home. His last rites took place in October 2011. Big companies like Microsoft and Disney mourned his death. There was weeping all over America. After his death, he left behind his wife and three children.

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