Warzone Legacy – A Way to Say Goodbye to Warzone 2.0


Warzone Legacy provides players with a new way of showcasing their lifetime stats from the original battle royale experience until November 16th.

Players can visit the Caldera Action Report website and input their Activision ID to view an interactive highlight reel of key stats from their time in Caldera. In addition, they can download their “Veteran Action Report,” providing a more concise breakdown of their stats.

How to get a Warzone Legacy video

Call of Duty fans looking forward to the launch of Warzone 2.0 can commemorate their legacy with a personalized video created from Activision ID information and stored on its website. The video will highlight critical stats from your time in battle royale mode.

For your video, visit My Warzone Legacy website and enter your Activision ID, which can be found by clicking on your profile picture or options menu in-game. It should take only a minute or so before it compiles all your glorious victories and presents you with your video that can be shared worldwide.

This video highlights some of the most thrilling moments from your time playing Call of Duty, intercut with various statistics about yourself – first drop, weapons used most frequently by each squad member, Gulag performance statistics as well as overall KD ratio, shots fired, and matches played at just under two minutes long and ending with a Veteran Action Report, which details these stats further.

Created free of charge, these videos provide an effective way of remembering all the beautiful memories and accomplishments in the game that you’ve achieved and serve as a bragging tool or reminder. Plus, they’re easily shareable across social media profiles or with family and friends!

Be sure to watch it before November 30th, as this video will only be available until then! After that, Warzone 2.0 and the brand-new Al Mazrah map await! With it comes many changes – including being able to swim in an ocean environment and encounter AI-controlled enemies – but we are already looking forward to playing!

What to expect

Warzone first premiered in March 2020 and quickly became a favorite among players, quickly becoming an instantaneous classic within the battle royale genre. Since it is closing down on November 30th and its successor version, Warzone 2.0, arriving shortly, Activision is offering fans the chance to commemorate their time spent playing Call of Duty’s inaugural battle royale with a personalized legacy video tribute.

Requesting the video is easy; all that’s needed to create it is your Activision ID and some basic stats from Warzone. Once uploaded to the website, a video is generated that highlights key moments from your time playing Warzone: your first drop, damage and kill stats, favorite operator deployment statistics, and even gulag stats! In addition, it includes details about your career stats such as kills, deaths ratio, and matches played – the video can then be shared directly onto various platforms so others may view it.

Fans who play Warzone regularly can use this as an opportunity to showcase their achievements to those who don’t play as frequently or haven’t experienced its first version. Furthermore, it provides regular players a means of measuring themselves against others in terms of playing regularly – you might be amazed to see just how far you have come! Those who have been around since its initial lifespan might even be surprised at what significant progress they’ve made over time!

Hopefully, this will mark just one in a series of creative ways that Call of Duty fans can commemorate their experience with the game. After all, live service games require dedication to play and enjoy, so it’s sad that Captain Price and Ghost have been cast into the shadows while Black Ops Cold War and Warzone 2.0 gain prominence; they deserve better than this treatment from game producers!

Where to get a Warzone Legacy video

With Warzone 2.0 on the horizon, Activision is giving players a special treat as a parting gift – they can retrieve a legacy video highlighting key stats and some fun facts they might otherwise forget as they transition into the next chapter of Call of Duty history.

Claim your video through a dedicated website where players will be asked to enter their Activision ID (usually comprised of username, hashtag, and numbers such as PCGamesN#1234). After entering their ID, the video will be played immediately in the browser with an option for downloading later – showing a brief overview of a player’s Warzone career with kills, deaths, K/D ratio, and matches played statistics.

Based on each player, their video may also highlight their first drop experience – an exhilarating moment that will live long in memory. Furthermore, it could show their favorite operator or list teammates they have enjoyed playing alongside during memorable matches.

Other statistics for players may include their most recent score, most killed enemies, and top achievements in the game. At the end of each legacy video is a “Veteran Action Report,” providing more in-depth details of the overall stats of players.

Once they have claimed the video, players can share and download it for their collection. Sharing and downloading this footage also serves as an excellent way to demonstrate a player’s accomplishments to those unfamiliar with their history in the game or simply as a fun way to revisit some of their most unforgettable memories from recent years.

Call of Duty: Warzone Legacy videos can be claimed until November 30. Afterward, players will have an opportunity to revisit Caldera when Warzone 2 releases. Abhimanyu is a PC esports writer at AFK Gaming who was an Overwatch pro before dedicating seven years to covering its development. Always looking for fun games to play and relishing competitive matches no matter the outcome, Abhi lives with his wife and daughter in the Bay Area.