Kappa House at LSU


On West Lakeshore Drive, runners, joggers, and walkers hit their stride as they pass the large homes that makeup LSU’s sorority row; particularly noteworthy among them is Kappa House, which stands out.

That is because it was the site of a lawsuit filed by sorority members alleging sexual assault by an individual identifying as a female named Smith.

Living Spaces

Donning a sorority house can be an unforgettable experience for girls. Choose to live with one to three other sisters in suites equipped with lofted beds, desks, storage underneath them, and closet space, along with brand new marbled sink and tile floor bathrooms that give everyone enough room to blow-dry hair, put on makeup or brush their teeth before heading out for the evening.

Built in 1939, this home features a central three-story winding staircase flanked by large open rooms. Designed with Ionic columns, a prominent pediment, stately brick construction with multi-paned windows spaced regularly along its length, an elegant wide cornice, and innovative ironwork features, it has been listed both as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark and a City of Austin landmark.

Outside of living spaces, there is also a kitchen, dining room, TV lounge, and workout room available for residents’ use. The kitchen features all necessary cooking and serving necessities, including a new range, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, washer, and dryer. The dining room can seat up to 60 people at one time, and there is also a new flat-screen TV in the renovated TV lounge and a workout room for girls who wish to work out.

Cindy Morgan Stewart, LSU ’79 and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma National House Board has seen many fraternity/sorority houses over her life and believes they play a crucial role in college life. One of her best experiences was living in one of the Kappa chapter houses, which helped foster sisterhood bonds.

Ryan Murphy’s horror-comedy-canon Scream Queens began filming at Kappa Kappa Gamma Tau sorority house in New Orleans in 2015. This building became notorious for its horrible murder scenes and served as inspiration for Wallace University on Scream Queens.

Dining Area

The Kappa House boasts an incredible dining area that can seat up to 90 girls at one time, providing the ideal place for catching up with friends while savoring an excellent home-cooked meal prepared by our chef. There are also plenty of tables and chairs available if guests would rather dine privately.

The dining area boasts a full kitchen and large flat-screen TV, sure to wow visitors who visit this space every day for lunch – it provides the ideal place for members of Kappa Sigma to relax from campus life! The Kappa sisters take full advantage of this space each day by using it for lunch as an effective way to destress and unwind before returning to campus life.

Kappa, in Greek mythology, is revered for its ability to help those in need and is widely seen as a symbol of wisdom and good luck – some believe that Kappa even has healing properties!

One of the hallmarks of Kappa culture is its ability to connect different worlds, evidenced by its presence across cultures worldwide, with each having its take on what makes up a Kappa.

A Kappa is a mythical creature believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who befriend it. This spirit can perform many tasks for their new acquaintances, such as providing food and drink; some even believe the Kappa can cure diseases and improve overall health!

At Kappa House, sorority girls need to have access to both a kitchen and comfortable dining area – features which the Kappa House provides in abundance, making it the ideal living situation for sorority girls.

Although COVID-19 restrictions limit membership expansion at Kappa House, they still welcome newcomers into their family. While making modifications may be necessary during this period, their chapter remains committed to keeping it up to the standards expected of it by all.

The Kappa House can be found in Cleveland’s Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood and is near several universities – John Carroll University and Case Western Reserve University are two. In addition, three shopping centers and five parks can also be found nearby.


The library is an ideal space for sisters to study or relax. There are numerous books, movies, and games available. Furthermore, there is also a small computer room and printer available for use, as well as an oversized couch and chair available in this space for sisters to use.

Kappa Kappa Gamma girls make the house their second home; weekly chapter, house board, and council meetings take place there, in addition to attending sisterhood events held there. It provides a perfect setting for meeting each other better while building lasting bonds among sisters.

Kappa houses, like any fraternity and sorority house, play an integral part in college life. They serve as hubs for socialization and sisterhood outside of class time, provide events and celebrations, as well as provide an environment to collaborate on academic endeavors together.

To be eligible to live in a Kappa House, sisters must participate in a housing lottery and be in their third year of college to be considered eligible for membership in said house. Members of Kappa houses are usually selected by class; women living there must also be good citizens and role models.

A kappa is an imaginary Japanese mythological creature that resembles both a duck and a frog, often said to smell of fish while having the ability to swim like them. They are sometimes seen as demons or spirits of water and believed to bring misfortune upon those who wrong them.

Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation provides chapters with access to an online library with forms, templates, handbooks, and manuals, as well as webinar recordings to assist them with fulfilling the Keys to Housing Excellence. Logging on to its website gives access to these resources while its staff and consultants offer support through individual chapters for any specific questions or needs that arise.

Study Areas

Kappa House provides study areas for members to work on homework and assignments. There are also private study spaces designed for girls that may serve as a nice respite from the noise of the rest of the house and offer peace for studying or relaxation purposes.

Kappa House provides numerous social spaces where sisters can gather. These include the living room, TV lounge, and dining area – perfect spots for girls to socialize and unwind! In addition, they may prefer hanging out in libraries or study rooms.

Kappa Kappa Gamma’s new chapter house boasts a spacious main level designed for gatherings and dining, including seating for 90 in their chapter room with an attached ritual closet and full commercial kitchen as well as a director’s suite.

There is a three-story winding stair, capped with a dome, that connects the lower and upper levels of the house. It serves as a focal point of the house and will become part of daily life for members as they make their way between dining, chapter, and residential rooms – as well as acting as an attractive recruitment attraction.

Each floor of the Kappa House boasts multiple bathrooms with sinks and tile floors for girls to have plenty of fun when getting ready for an outing with friends. Each bedroom is furnished with a bed, desk, sets of drawers, and closet space so girls can personalize their room as desired.

Kappa House is located in Cleveland’s Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood and near Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Institute of Music, three shopping centers, five parks, Mansfield Lahm Air Guard Station, and Camp Perry Air Force Base – as well as within minutes from downtown Cleveland, making it a convenient place for families visiting students at college.