Confluence Health Hospital – Central Campus


Confluence health offers patients a comprehensive selection of healthcare services, from mental fitness classes to holistic approaches to medicine.

The organization also contributes to scientific knowledge through collaborative studies projects that benefit their patients and broader medical networks.

Holistic health offerings

Confluence Health offers holistic healthcare offerings that go beyond treating medical problems. Their focus is creating healthy lifestyles for their patients by merging technology with empathy, innovation, and culture – setting a new standard in contemporary healthcare.

The organization is dedicated to empowering their patients by offering abundant educational resources. These include a patient training hub featuring articles and videos on various health topics and a continuous ambient relaxation channel with soothing music and relaxing imagery; both can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain relief.

Alongside traditional medical services, this facility also provides specialized health services. This includes obstetrics, pediatric care, and cancer treatments from experts within these specializations while offering telemedicine services so patients can access their physicians remotely.

These cutting-edge techniques are supported by an incredible team of dedicated professionals ranging from nurses to physician assistants, collaborating to provide the highest standard of patient care, resulting in a community health improvement initiative that puts patients at the center of care.

The institution is well aware of the financial aspects of healthcare and offers flexible insurance and fee options to allow patients access to quality healthcare without breaking their budgets. Furthermore, this helps the institution keep pace with technological advances while remaining accessible.

Confluence Health is a not-for-profit corporation comprising two hospitals and over 40 specialty clinics throughout North Central Washington. They aim to deliver high-quality yet cost-effective healthcare close to home – the most extensive rural healthcare system between Seattle and Spokane!

A hospital is grappling with mounting losses and recently reduced progressive care services, relying less on costly traveling employees while cutting their reliance. Yet it insists it will not lay off staff, close any facilities, reduce patient admissions, or stop operations – its management team understands that action is required to preserve independence and keep operations sustainable.

Number one care offerings

The hospital has an impressive track record in providing high-quality medical services to North Central Washington, garnering several awards and accolades for clinical excellence. Furthermore, this hospital is committed to making our community healthier; their employees work tirelessly to provide patients with superior care – they even offer several specialized programs designed to address various health concerns.

Confluence Health Hospital | Mares Campus and Confluence Health Hospital | Central Campus are equipped with lifesaving equipment and a team of doctors available 24/7, making their emergency departments stand out significantly from what many patients experience when visiting urgent care facilities or their doctor’s offices.

Additionally, Confluence Health boasts an active charitable care program, offering more than $17 million in deeply discounted or free care last year. Confluence Health has long made its services accessible regardless of residents’ ability to pay; this tradition continues today among doctors and nurses at Confluence Health.

Hospital employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including health and disability insurance, flexible spending accounts, and health savings accounts, which allow employees to save money on healthcare expenses using pre-tax dollars. Furthermore, eligible employees of WSNA and UFCW unions can contribute up to 50% of their base earnings towards retirement plans that match these contributions at a 2:1 ratio from both parties.

Other innovative programs at Harborview Hospital include an accredited cancer center and the WRITE Program, which provides select University of Washington School of Medicine third-year medical students ambulatory and hospital experience in rural primary care settings in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (WWAMI). Furthermore, Harborview also maintains an affiliation with Virginia Mason and an agreement with the University of Washington/Harborview Medical Center for expert stroke consultation services.

Specialized medical offerings

Confluence Health Hospital | Central Campus was established in Wenatchee in 1893 and currently boasts 206 beds for medical and surgical care provided by highly skilled physicians. Confluence offers inpatient and outpatient cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, hospitalist/surgical hospitalists, and cardiac/neurosurgery programs with exceptional patient care. Furthermore, Confluence hosts its Level II Trauma Center and inpatient rehabilitation facility to serve its surrounding communities of Wenatchee Valley, North Central Washington, and eastern Oregon patients.

As well as offering patients comprehensive medical services, Madrona Hospital has partnered with local healthcare providers to expand its specialty offerings and ensure patients can access cutting-edge advances. They also help mitigate costly complications of their illness. Madrona Health specializes in dispensing medications requiring special handling or monitoring and supporting complex disease conditions with support services; its pharmacy services help manage prescriptions with refill reminders and mail-order services for added convenience.

Confluence Health offers its employees numerous benefits, including life and disability coverage. Employee-owned 401(k) plans provide generous company matches after two years of employment. Employees also qualify for complimentary long-term disability coverage equal to one year’s base earnings and have access to group rates for Supplemental LTD policies.

The hospital has also established an active charitable care program, providing over $17 Million of deeply discounted or free care to residents in its service area last year alone. This commitment to the community is integral to its strong reputation for compassion and clinical excellence.

Confluence Health offers more than just hospitals; in addition to its specialty offerings, Confluence has an expansive network of regional clinics and is part of the University of Washington School of Medicine’s WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho) region. Through this partnership with UWSM, Moses Lake Hospital can host students participating in its WRITE program – designed to give third-year medical students an appropriate blend of hospital and outpatient experience.

Compassionate care

Confluence Health knows the best way to provide high-quality care is through an exceptional and compassionate team of professionals. This is particularly important when working with patients experiencing severe illnesses, so Confluence has established an extensive palliative care program to reduce pain and suffering at its hospital.

At Confluence Health, a dedicated physician services department assists regional clinics by identifying opportunities to serve better referring physicians. This department aims to create an environment of collaboration among physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff members while strengthening relationships among all parties involved. Confluence Health staff work hard to ensure each patient sees an appropriate caregiver on time.

Confluence Health’s mission includes offering high-quality healthcare to all patients regardless of their ability to pay, which has long been practiced and earned it great respect in North Central Washington.

Confluence Health offers more than two hospitals in Wenatchee; their healthcare facilities include Omak and Moses Lake campuses and outpatient clinics providing surgical and emergency care services.

Confluence Health and Virginia Mason have come together in an unprecedented partnership to offer outstanding cardiac care to residents in North Central Washington. Physicians from both organizations will collaborate, giving North Central Washington residents access to higher-quality health services.

This partnership also involves an agreement to offer expert Stroke consultation services, allowing patients to avoid traveling to more advanced Stroke Centers while still receiving care that meets their needs.

At our hospital, virtual visits provide an easy and efficient way to communicate with your physician from the convenience of home. Simply log into your MyChart account and follow its step-by-step instructions – For this service, you’ll require access to the internet and either a webcam or smartphone as required instructions.