Businesses For Sale in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs boasts an abundance of businesses across industries. The Colorado Springs region’s pro-business environment fosters growth and innovation across higher education institutions, research firms, and private firms.

No matter where your small business resides or whether it’s looking for new premises to sell its current one, here you will find all the resources and support required for success.

Townhouse Sports Grill

Manitou Springs’ charming downtown at the base of Pikes Peak provides this restaurant and sports bar with over three decades of serving fun food and drinks, including an impressive beer and wine list, specialty cocktails, and appetizers that will please even the pickiest palate. Their sports grill also offers several craft beers from local breweries on tap – and with PikeRide bike station located right outside their location, it makes getting around town easy with Old Colorado City or Downtown Colorado Springs as dining destinations!

Convenience Store

This convenience store, situated in a high-traffic area, presents an outstanding opportunity to turn a tidy profit. With an established customer base and fully stocked inventory, this business boasts excellent exposure with many local businesses nearby – an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to launch their venture or expand an existing one.

Convenience stores are retail establishments that typically open late, offering limited offerings at relatively high prices, such as convenience products with high turnover. Convenience stores are most commonly found near residential areas or roads for people to quickly fill up their vehicles or stock up on basic supplies. Furthermore, many provide food services like hot beverages or ready-to-eat foods and offer convenience goods.

7-Eleven, Circle K, and Loaf n Jug are some of the country’s leading convenience store chains; others include Maverik’s Kum n Go and Good 2 Go chains. However, Colorado Springs will soon see significant disruption to their c-store market, with Maverik purchasing Kum n Go locations that have changed their brands and Good 2 Go’s arrival into town.

To run a successful convenience store, it is crucial to understand its unique business parameters. This includes product margins and inventory management, as well as optimizing sales volumes and prices to increase profits. Furthermore, monitoring shrinkage levels is crucial as retail shrinkage indicates theft, which could prove expensive for any C-store owner.

Selecting the ideal construction company for your convenience store project is of utmost importance, as they will be responsible for getting it underway on schedule. When researching potential partners, compare and contrast several companies. Choose one that prioritizes your needs while working to meet your goals.

Finding the appropriate contractor is crucial when renovating or building new stores, ensuring they’re completed on time and within budget. By investing time into planning, mistakes can be avoided later, giving peace of mind that your business is safe and in reliable hands.

Liquor Store

Establishing a liquor store requires considerable time and money, yet it can prove highly profitable. Before embarking on this endeavor, it is vital to conduct thorough research and draft an in-depth business plan, complete with projected costs and an outline of marketing strategies and potential partnerships.

Liquor stores must undergo additional steps when opening for business; among them are obtaining a license from their state regulatory agency and applying for one in person; some states may charge an application fee, as well as finding storefront space and supply vendors – this process may be time-consuming and expensive, making research important before committing to open one in your local market.

Liquor stores are unique in that they sell an inelastic product: alcohol. As demand remains steady or even increases during economic downturns, alcohol sales remain stable despite this. However, owning and operating one presents challenges, such as maintaining an adequate inventory and complying with state regulations.

Outside of providing customers with the finest selection of wine, beer, and spirits, liquor store owners should strive to create a point of differentiation that sets their store apart from competitors. This could involve offering lower prices or educating them on particular wines or spirits; any unique strategy can help your store distinguish itself and attract new clients.

Small business owners understand the importance of building strong credit. Bad credit can hinder loan application approval and even place your business at risk, so before opening a liquor store, it’s wise to get your finances in order and work with lenders on building up your profile as quickly as possible.

Taxes should also be carefully considered when opening a liquor store. Different states have different tax rates and may limit how much alcohol can be sold at once; if unsure how best to navigate these laws, seek legal or accounting advice before opening your business.

Dry Cleaning & Coin Laundromat

Laundry businesses have proven themselves to be an incredibly resilient, recession-proof industry. Laundromats thrive exceptionally well in markets with high rental apartment occupancies or dense populations requiring clean clothing – providing laundromats an invaluable service during economic depression and making these Colorado Springs businesses for sale an excellent investment choice for anyone seeking secure returns.

Colorado Springs laundromats for sale typically bring in between $15,000 to $300,000 annually in profits, depending on factors like location, service offerings, and ownership type (individual vs franchise). By buying an established laundromat service business for sale in Colorado Springs, new owners will quickly begin earning income while providing expansion opportunities.

This successful laundromat in Colorado Springs for sale features self-serve coin laundry and wash-dry-fold services, with over 100 apartments as loyal customers, generating consistent cash flow. It has been owned and run successfully by its current owner for 30 years before wanting to retire from this endeavor.

Ace Handyman Services is currently up for sale, a local company serving their community for 11 years specializing in wind and hail reroofing for residential and commercial properties. Over that time, they have built an enviable brand identity with loyal customer bases, making running this business while working another full-time job much more straightforward.

A successful industrial park dry cleaning and laundry plant/coin laundromat combination business for sale. Offering dry cleaning, wash-and-fold, alterations, and tailoring services with monthly gross sales of $22,000+, it enjoys a stable customer base in a busy strip center with limited competition; plus, the facility can quickly expand to provide additional services.

This is an exceptional opportunity to purchase an established, cash-flowing coffee shop in an appealing area. Brianna Keefe created her famous brand and operated 16 locations across more excellent Denver. Although their lighthearted branding may make them look humorous, their delicious coffee and food have received high marks from customers and critics.