Assembly of God Church Near Me in New York


The Assemblies of God is a denomination established in 1914 that emphasizes Pentecostal theology and practice. Its governing body, the General Council, publishes doctrine through statements such as Fundamental Truths or position papers published by ministry agencies like HealthCare Ministries worldwide mission work.


The Assemblies of God is one of the world’s largest Pentecostal groups, and its members believe that Scripture (both Old and New Testaments) is inspired by God, providing unfailing guidance for their faith and conduct. Beliefs in this church are grounded in Scripture and include baptism of the Holy Spirit, divine healing, and anticipation of Jesus Christ’s second coming. Furthermore, its doctrine adheres to one true God as its founder. Churches affiliated with the AG fall into two categories: General Council-affiliated and district-affiliated. Churches affiliated with the General Council enjoy full autonomy while district churches may be subject to oversight and authority from within their denomination. There are over a dozen AG-endorsed seminaries and universities across America as well.

Grace Assembly of God was established in October 1987 by Rev. Rajan Philip who came from India and had become a member of Ebenezer Full Gospel Assembly in Yonkers, NY since 1978. Rev Rajan prayed to God to find guidance to establish a Malayalee Pentecostal church in Rockland, NY, praying on his knees until receiving confirmation that this was His calling – Grace Assembly of God became its name to honor that belief in His all-sufficient grace.


The Assemblies of God (AG) is the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination. Operating more like an association than a church, with individual local congregations independently owned and run. Furthermore, this diverse Protestant group draws its membership from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds – members from a wide array of ethnicities are welcome! Beliefs center around scripture and spiritual healing practices, including baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, divine healing, as well as its faith in a visible return of Jesus Christ at his second coming at his Second Coming; teaching there is only one true God and that He sent Jesus as their emissary.

The AG offers two classifications of churches: General Council-affiliated and district-affiliated. General Council-affiliated churches enjoy full autonomy while district-affiliated ones must still submit to ecclesial oversight and authority; both types must abide by a Statement of Fundamental Truths and biblically based conduct guidelines.

The early years of the AG were heavily shaped by Aimee Semple McPherson and her revivals, and its foundation in 1914 as a Finished Work Pentecostal denomination was marked by strong influences from her revivals. Although women could become ordained early on, black people weren’t permitted to be ordained until 1962.

The AG church enjoys global reach and is mainly active in missionary efforts; there were 213 AG churches worldwide as of 2009. Their missionary endeavors are overseen by Assemblies of God World Missions while an Assemblies of God Medical Missions health ministry offers free optical, dental, and medical services.

The AG is a conservative, evangelical, and Arminian group with teachings grounded in Scripture and the Holy Spirit. They believe the Bible to be an infallible word from God that stands as Triune Godhead; humankind was initially good but sin has separated him from him; salvation comes through Jesus Christ who alone can lead one to heaven.

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry is led by a team of enthusiastic volunteers passionate about teaching kids how to live Spirit-led whole-life transformation. Classes for this age group occur during Sunday services and Wednesday evenings; WOC (Word of Christ) also provides afterschool support services designed to aid children emotionally, socially, and academically.

Children’s Ministry is housed within the church gym. Parents can drop off and collect their children after each service; Children’s Church is offered for free and open to all.

Pastor Bill began Metro World Child, then known as Metro Ministries, in 1980 in one of Brooklyn, New York City’s toughest neighborhoods. He dedicated himself to reaching children who felt abandoned or neglected, believing only God could meet their desperate circumstances with love and grace. Through his life experience and testimony, he developed an exceptional compassion for children exposed to drug use, violence, and abandonment.

Jill hails from Detroit but relocated to Springfield to study Social Work and English at Evangel University. Since then, she and Carter have welcomed three children – Carter T, Martha, and Eleanor – into their family unit. Additionally, Jill serves as a part-time associate children’s pastor while contributing to the preschool and elementary curricula by writing She Reads Truth books and contributing to the She Reads Truth series books.


The Assemblies of God is a Christian Pentecostal denomination with an evangelical conservative theology emphasizing baptism into the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and divine healing. Their beliefs are grounded in Scripture – which they consider inspired, infallible word of God – as well as one true God existing as a Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit and that humanity was born sinful, thus estranging them from Him through original sin. Additionally, they provide various worship services; offer active children’s ministries and youth groups; support missionary efforts through the HealthCare Ministries program as well and offer free dental, optical, and medical services under the HealthCare Ministries program.

Rev. Rajan Philip, a former theology teacher, founded Rockland Malayalee Pentecostal Church in 1987 after moving there and realizing there wasn’t a Malayalee Pentecostal congregation in Rockland. Devoutly seeking guidance from God regarding where best to plant his new church, Rockland eventually proved itself as its location of choice.

As it began as just a handful of families, the church quickly expanded, reaching 32 members at its inaugural service by 1989, after moving locations to Spring Valley in 2000, where it remains today and continues its mission of community service.

Apart from weekly Sunday services, this church hosts special events like its annual community aglow celebration and holiday bazaar. Furthermore, social activities include women’s groups and an active men’s ministry, regular Bible studies, and fellowship meetings are also hosted here.

Even though Assemblies of God churches near me aren’t often associated with political activism, many civil rights initiatives have been supported. Additionally, it has also participated in inner-city evangelism programs and worked against racism by addressing racial segregation within its denomination.